[MoE] Weekend Whimsy #3!

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Citizens, it is not just any weekend, it is a BANK HOLIDAY weekend.

That means you definitely should NOT read the update from the eBank of England, and you definitely SHOULD read this panoply of games and mirth from the MINISTRY OF ENTERTAINMENT.

Because it is a Bank Holiday, we are breaking the Bank by offering bumper prizes!

Keep scrolling for:

The first eUK Spelling Bee.
Practical Advice to observe on a Bank Holiday
Where’s Woldy!
Garth’s weekly one liner (yes really another one!).
And an Emoji Quiz.

Message all your answers to Garth in order to win your prizes!

Dust off your Dictionaries, it is Spelling Bee time!

Here at the Ministry of Entertainment we stretched out mental faculties to the max by coming together to choose seven letters.

We want you to use those seven letters to make as many words as you can!

The letters we have chosen are…

For every word that checks out in Laskii’s dictionary, you will be sent 2k cc.

For every seven letter word you can find, 5k cc.

And a bonus 10k cc will go to whoever lists the most words!

Message your word list to Garth.

Practical Advice to observe on a Bank Holiday

Bank Holidays can be a drag for some. Especially those who do not read Weekend Whimsy. We have asked preeminent eUK’ers for their advice on how to get through the weekend.

If you’re not getting enough attention at family gatherings, put on a few pounds, purchase a moomoo to wear and decline all alcoholic drinks. It’s how I got my name.

If you get too much attention from over-doting family members, just submerge yourself in a paddling pool and stay under water. It’s quite cool and saves a lot of bother. It’s how I got my name.

If you’re worried that your guest list is a little crusty, reach out to a famous actor friend to come along and spruce things up. I always choose the guy who played Voldemort. It’s how I got my name.
Ring Wraith

I just bring people expensive cartons of ice cream. Sometimes they melt. It’s how I got my name.
Tubby McTubbins

If someone asks you to go and get snacks, I have calculated that choosing just under 30 varieties is almost guaranteed to please every single guest. It never fails. It’s how I got my name.

If you go on a weekend hike but your fellow trekkers aren’t sure where you are, just insist you’re in the Cotswolds. It’s how I got my name.
Mr Immanuel Kant

All really useful I am sure you will agree.


Last week Mr Woldy was in Berlin. Did you get it right? He has returned to the shores of the eUK and is desperate for a Bank Holiday getaway after all that travelling. Do you recognise where he is?

It’s a Cabinet away day!

For this Breaking the Bank edition of WW’sWW? We are giving away a whopping 10k CC for every correct guess.

Send your answers to Garth!


It made Woldy laugh and he is the President. That means we are all duty-bound to stand up, clap like seals and laugh too.

Cryptic Emoji QUIZ

Because the Cryptic Emoji has been so popular (...hmm) we are going whole-quiz mode ahead of the Bank Holiday.

The task is simple, identify the popular television programmes depicted below and you will win CASH. Specifically, 5k CC for each correct answer.

Message all your answers to Garth in order to win your prizes!

Thanks for reading, participating, bank holidaying, BBQ’ing etc. Have a great weekend!

Garth the and the MoHA team