I wish that I didn't have to write this article

Day 6,028, 17:45 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Yigit Can Balta

Since winning the Presidential election the TRS members have cut off most funding to the top hitters in the eUK and have given fraudulent funding to its own members on preplanned schemes that works only for them, now some those recipients of the aid are using the said aid to go after other eUK players, sniping medals while their political wing cover their transgressions on congress chat and other threads. This is what they've always stood for, benefiting their own party members and excluding others that don't share their warped views. They have pushed for and successfully cut the bounty system to the detriment of the ordinary eUK player, now foreigners and rouge eUK players alike are having a field day stealing medals and cutting off the eUK base players from claiming medals. Congress chat is all but dead aside from a few TRS members talking to each other, inter party cooperation is over as no other voice has a role to play in their policy, no accountability with political decisions or financial bookkeeping. The problems seem to be deep and systematic with the TRS as they fail to keep even their highest ranking members in line, a problem that seems to get worse as time goes on and something likely being pushed under the rug on its surface. Things seem bleak on all fronts for eUK but only time will tell how long the citizenry will put up with the dysfunctional government and its failed policies but while more things come to light with every event, everybody is suffering. Summery of it all, I'm just straight up not having a good time right now. o7