Article 417 finds me in e-Italy. eWorld population 34,657

Day 6,027, 12:42 Published in Italy Belgium by Georgelakeland
Article 417 finds me in e-Italy.
The article is available in ENGLISH/ greek ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ / italian ITALIAN

Today is the 21st of May 2024.
E-republic day 6027. The game has 34,657.
I have been in eItaly as a citizen for about 12 days now.
As the days go by in the game I find it very hard to stay in a new country for more than one month. I was previously in e-India and moved to eItaly.
There are many battles and many people have added me as a friend. There are good people and a specific party has the bad people in it. I tried to enter it to prove to myself that it is not bad but at the end of a few days I realised it was wrong to be there and so I went to the 2nd party in power. Also these few days I realised that people from this party were blocking my progress in the battles . This was not very welcoming by me so I chose to delete all the friends I added from that party. I am not sure how many more days I will last in playing in eItaly. One thing I have in mind is to take part in the congress elections to get me to do something useful and not to become bored. I thank the other eItalian players for having me in their area of the game. I can not promise to stay for a long time. The articles in eItaly are all in eItalian. Translating them becomes very... boring. I never expected to come to eITALY in the game because it was not my kind of area to be in. Here I am playing eItalino. As the days went by italians turned bad. so i am leaving after 18 days. this is what one person wrote to me (Pierpiero Manero to Georgelakeland | 3 hours ago#91516012
if I were you I would be careful about insulting me, otherwise you might see what Italian MAFIA means.)
Also do not trust this party ''Partito Militare Italiano'' it is a bad party. Keep away also from these two people. last_hero and Cesare.Borgia

More boring news and other things about the game.
I still have my companies split in 2 Other companies in other countries. The events that happened in last few days did not provide factory reset/release tokens. I was buying and I am still buying my food and weapons. I do not see myself making a new holding company very soon because it will take a few more weeks to get the tokens needed to release all my companies . The game needs to to more to fix this issue. Buying just 1 token every week from the offer is not enough. It is times like this were I wished that there were more factory reset tokens. I was buying food and guns and I am still buying my food and weapons.

I hope that the game finds something better to do with it self because I am so bored in this game. I am writing this article just to get my 3rd article in a row done so that the people in the game can comment about it and donate in it and for me to give the gifts to every one in the NEXT ARTICLE. I am very sorry for all the players that had me in their country for these few months. I was only in their country very shortly. I could not beat being bored all the time.

It is times like these where I remember a person that now is in the land of the DEAD. He made a video that represents me some of the days of my life. I PLACE THIS VIDEO HERE FOR YOU TO VIEW. IT IS A VERY OLD VIDEO AND MANY PEOPLE WILL NOT KNOW THIS PERSON BECAUSE IT WAS MADE YEARS AND YEARS AGO and this person is nearly forgotten. Just press on the blue area to go to the video and view it. ALL COMMENTS about what you liked about the video will get 4 extra q6 food. Take care. Be happy. Try to live a better life. Hope and keep trying.



Το άρθρο 417 με βρίσκει στην Ε-Ιταλία.

Σήμερα είναι 21 Μαΐου 2024.
E-republic day 6027. Το παιχνίδι έχει 34.657.
Είμαι στην Ε-Ιταλία ως πολίτης εδώ και περίπου 12 μέρες.
Καθώς περνούν οι μέρες στο παιχνίδι, το βρίσκω πολύ δύσκολο να μείνω σε μια νέα χώρα για περισσότερο από ένα μήνα. Ήμουν στο παρελθόν στο ε-Ινδια και μετακόμισα στην Ε-Ιταλία.
Υπάρχουν πολλές μάχες και πολλοί άνθρωποι με έχουν προσθέσει ως φίλο. Υπάρχουν καλοί άνθρωποι και ένα συγκεκριμένο κόμμα έχει μέσα του τους κακούς. Προσπάθησα να μπω σε αυτό για να αποδείξω στον εαυτό μου ότι δεν είναι κακό, αλλά στο τέλος λίγων ημερών κατάλαβα ότι ήταν λάθος να είμαι εκεί και έτσι πήγα στο 2ο κόμμα στην εξουσία. Επίσης αυτές τις λίγες μέρες συνειδητοποίησα ότι άνθρωποι από αυτό το κόμμα εμπόδιζαν την πρόοδό μου στις μάχες . Αυτό δεν ήταν πολύ ευπρόσδεκτο από εμένα, οπότε επέλεξα να διαγράψω όλους τους φίλους που πρόσθεσα από αυτό το πάρτι. Δεν είμαι σίγουρος πόσες μέρες ακόμα θα αντέξω παίζοντας στην Ε-Ιταλία. Ένα πράγμα που έχω στο μυαλό μου είναι να πάρω μέρος στις εκλογές για το συνέδριο για να με κάνουν να κάνω κάτι χρήσιμο και να μην βαρεθώ. Ευχαριστώ τους άλλους παίκτες της ε-Ιταλίας που με είχαν στην περιοχή τους. Δεν μπορώ να υποσχεθώ ότι θα μείνω για πολύ καιρό. Τα άρθρα στην Ε-Ιταλία είναι όλα στα Ιταλικά. Η μετάφραση τους γίνεται πολύ... βαρετή. Ποτέ δεν περίμενα να έρθω στην Ε-Ιταλία στο παιχνίδι γιατί δεν ήταν το είδος μου η περιοχή αυτή.Καθώς περνούσαν οι μέρες οι Ιταλοί έγιναν άσχημα. οπότε φεύγω μετά από 18 μέρες. αυτό μου έγραψε ένα άτομο (Pierpiero Manero προς Georgelakeland | πριν από 3 ώρες#91516012
αν ήμουν στη θέση σου θα πρόσεχα να με προσβάλεις, αλλιώς μπορεί να δεις τι σημαίνει Ιταλική ΜΑΦΙΑ.)
Επίσης μην εμπιστεύεστε αυτό το κόμμα ''Partito Militare Italiano'' είναι ένα κακό πάρτι. Μείνετε επίσης μακριά από αυτά τα δύο άτομα. last_hero και Cesare.Borgia

Περισσότερα βαρετά νέα και άλλα πράγματα για το παιχνίδι.
Έχω ακόμα τις εταιρείες μου χωρισμένες σε 2 Άλλες εταιρείες σε άλλες χώρες. Τα γεγονότα που συνέβησαν τις τελευταίες ημέρες δεν παρείχαν διακριτικά επαναφοράς/έκδοσης εργοστασιακών ρυθμίσεων. Αγόραζα και αγοράζω ακόμα τα τρόφιμα και τα όπλα μου. Δεν βλέπω τον εαυτό μου να φτιάχνω μια νέα εταιρεία χαρτοφυλακίου πολύ σύντομα γιατί θα χρειαστούν μερικές ακόμη εβδομάδες για να αποκτήσω τα tokens που απαιτούνται για την κυκλοφορία όλων των εταιρειών μου. Το παιχνίδι χρειάζεται περισσότερο για να διορθωθεί αυτό το πρόβλημα. Η αγορά μόνο 1 κουπόνι κάθε εβδομάδα από την προσφορά δεν αρκεί. Είναι τέτοιες στιγμές που θα ήθελα να υπήρχαν περισσότερα κουπόνια επαναφοράς εργοστασιακών ρυθμίσεων. Αγόραζα τρόφιμα και όπλα και αγοράζω ακόμα τα τρόφιμα και τα όπλα μου.

Ελπίζω ότι το παιχνίδι θα βρει κάτι καλύτερο να κάνει μόνο του γιατί βαριέμαι τόσο πολύ σε αυτό το παιχνίδι. Γράφω αυτό το άρθρο μόνο για να ολοκληρώσω το 3ο συνεχόμενο άρθρο μου, ώστε οι άνθρωποι του παιχνιδιού να μπορούν να το σχολιάσουν και να κάνουν δωρεές σε αυτό και να δώσω τα δώρα σε όλους στο ΕΠΟΜΕΝΟ ΑΡΘΡΟ. Λυπάμαι πολύ για όλους τους παίκτες που με είχαν στη χώρα τους αυτούς τους λίγους μήνες. Πολύ σύντομα ήμουν στη χώρα τους. Δεν μπορούσα να νικήσω να βαριέμαι όλη την ώρα.

Είναι τέτοιες στιγμές που θυμάμαι ένα άτομο που τώρα βρίσκεται στη χώρα των ΝΕΚΡΩΝ. Έκανε ένα βίντεο που με αντιπροσωπεύει κάποιες από τις μέρες της ζωής μου. ΤΟΠΟΘΕΤΩ ΑΥΤΟ ΤΟ ΒΙΝΤΕΟ ΕΔΩ ΓΙΑ ΝΑ ΔΕΙΤΕ. ΕΙΝΑΙ ΠΟΛΥ ΠΑΛΙΟ ΒΙΝΤΕΟ ΚΑΙ ΠΟΛΛΟΙ ΔΕΝ ΘΑ ΓΝΩΡΙΖΟΥΝ ΑΥΤΟ ΤΟ ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟ ΓΙΑΤΙ ΦΤΙΑΧΘΗΚΕ ΠΡΙΝ ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΧΡΟΝΙΑ και αυτό το άτομο έχει σχεδόν ξεχαστεί. Απλώς πατήστε την μπλε περιοχή για να μεταβείτε στο βίντεο και να το δείτε. ΟΛΑ ΤΑ ΣΧΟΛΙΑ σχετικά με το τι σας άρεσε στο βίντεο θα λάβουν 4 επιπλέον φαγητό q6. Να προσέχεις. Να είσαι χαρούμενος. Προσπαθήστε να ζήσετε μια καλύτερη ζωή. Ελπίστε και συνεχίστε να προσπαθείτε.


ITALIAN/ Ιταλικά

L'articolo 417 mi trova in e-Italia.

Oggi è il 21 maggio 2024.
E-Republic Day 6027. Il gioco ne ha 34.657.
Sono in eItalia come cittadino ormai da circa 12 giorni.
Con il passare dei giorni nel gioco trovo molto difficile rimanere in un nuovo paese per più di un mese. Precedentemente ero in e-India e mi sono trasferito in eItalia.
Ci sono molte battaglie e molte persone mi hanno aggiunto come amico. Ci sono brave persone e in un partito specifico ci sono le persone cattive. Ho provato ad entrarci per dimostrare a me stesso che non è male ma dopo qualche giorno ho capito che era sbagliato essere lì e così sono andato dal 2° partito al potere. Inoltre in questi giorni mi sono reso conto che le persone di questo partito stavano bloccando i miei progressi nelle battaglie. Questo non è stato molto accogliente da parte mia, quindi ho scelto di eliminare tutti gli amici che avevo aggiunto da quella festa. Non sono sicuro di quanti giorni ancora potrò resistere giocando in eItalia. Una cosa che ho in mente è partecipare alle elezioni del congresso per farmi fare qualcosa di utile e non annoiarmi. Ringrazio gli altri giocatori di eItalian per avermi ospitato nella loro zona di gioco. Non posso promettere di restare per molto tempo. Gli articoli in eItalia sono tutti in eItaliano. Tradurli diventa molto... noioso. Non mi sarei mai aspettato di entrare in eITALY nel gioco perché non era il mio genere di settore in cui trovarmi. Qui sto giocando a eItalino.Con il passare dei giorni gli italiani sono diventati cattivi. quindi parto dopo 18 giorni. questo è ciò che mi ha scritto una persona (Pierpiero Manero a Georgelakeland | 3 ore fa#91516012
fossi in te starei attento a insultarmi, altrimenti potresti capire cosa vuol dire MAFIA italiana.)
Inoltre non fidatevi di questa festa ''Partito Militare Italiano'' è una brutta festa. Stai lontano anche da queste due persone. last_hero e Cesare.Borgia

Notizie più noiose e altre cose sul gioco.
Ho ancora le mie società divise in 2 Altre società in altri paesi. Gli eventi accaduti negli ultimi giorni non hanno fornito token di ripristino/rilascio delle impostazioni di fabbrica. Stavo comprando e sto ancora comprando cibo e armi. Non mi vedo a creare una nuova holding molto presto perché ci vorrà ancora qualche settimana per ottenere i token necessari per rilasciare tutte le mie società. Il gioco deve fare di più per risolvere questo problema. Acquistare solo 1 token ogni settimana dall'offerta non è sufficiente. È in momenti come questo che avrei desiderato che ci fossero più token per il ripristino delle impostazioni di fabbrica. Compravo cibo e armi e continuo a comprare cibo e armi.

Spero che il gioco trovi qualcosa di meglio da fare con se stesso perché sono così annoiato in questo gioco. Sto scrivendo questo articolo solo per portare a termine il mio terzo articolo consecutivo in modo che le persone nel gioco possano commentarlo e donare e affinché io possa fare i regali a tutti nel PROSSIMO ARTICOLO. Mi dispiace molto per tutti i giocatori che mi hanno avuto nel loro Paese in questi mesi. Sono stato nel loro paese solo per poco tempo. Non potevo evitare di annoiarmi tutto il tempo.

È in momenti come questi che ricordo una persona che ora si trova nella terra dei MORTI. Ha realizzato un video che mi rappresenta alcuni giorni della mia vita. INSERISCO QUESTO VIDEO QUI PER POTERLO VEDERE. È UN VIDEO MOLTO VECCHIO E MOLTE PERSONE NON CONOSCERANNO QUESTA PERSONA PERCHÉ È STATO REALIZZATO ANNI E ANNI FA e questa persona è quasi dimenticata. Basta premere sull'area blu per andare al video e visualizzarlo. TUTTI I COMMENTI su ciò che ti è piaciuto del video riceveranno 4 cibo extra q6. Occuparsi. Siate felici. Prova a vivere una vita migliore. Spera e continua a provare.

Best wishes.
George, Georgios, Γιώργος, Γεώργιος.