Playing an e-game inside e-republik

Day 6,026, 15:16 Published in USA USA by Alphabethis

As you might know, politics in erepublik is full of corruption, deceive and foul play. A handful of players do their best in the shadows to keep an unstoppable career of e-stealing.
Since this has been from the dawn of e-times. I propose a ostrich sort of solution: let's play an e-e-game. I mean, Plato may implement a e-game (electronic) inside e-republik where we could forget the e-corruption and where we could be engulfed by new and lenient e-e-problems.
Yes, I know, this e-e-game would be spoilt soon, but, again, we could create more and more e-e-e-... games inside, creating a kind of shell of escapism to forget the problems and corruption of upper level "worlds".

What do you think? is it platonesque enough ?