[UK-CP] Mid-Term Updates

Day 6,024, 05:46 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street


Hopefully you have had time to read the latest articles from the Ministry of Defence and the gregarious Ministry of Entertainment. I’ll round off the weekend’s updates with a whistle stop tour of some other areas of Government.

We start off with some stark news this weekend before getting into pluckier Ministry updates.

Statement on the use of Multi-Accounts in the eUK

Acting on some information passed to the Government from our TW partners Bulgaria, we have cross-referenced some data from eRep tools on some eUK accounts. We are confident that the accounts in question are operated by a single user.

The accounts are 11ue, Lucy28 and Guyviii. 11ue and Lucy28 are based in the eUK. They will no longer be eligible for Government support. The least we can do in this situation is not incentivise this activity.

A full report of why we have concluded this can be read here.

In looking into this I am grateful for the assistance of; our friends in eBG for providing their reports; Wingfield for adding the previous administration’s observations on the accounts to ours; and to Sir Humphrey Appleby & Addaway for facilitating conversations about it with Congress.

There is wide consensus on this specific case. Cabinet, Congress and other political/military leaders have been consulted with to confirm the findings and input on how to approach communicating this sensitive issue. A high bar of evidencing the activity has been set. It shows that we can all be reassured that eUK’ers want to play in a fair way and feel multis are not welcome.

If you have any suspicions about any accounts get in touch and we can feed that into efforts to follow up on dubious activity.

Ministry Updates


Some happier news to kick off Ministerial updates - our MM Trading. For those unaware, Money Market (MM) trading is a process whereby - in a nutshell - you sell GBP for gold and then sell that gold for more GBP you bought it for. This month I have introduced the Citizen Dividend - the profits we make trading will be distributed, equally, between eUK citizens.

We’ve tried tighter cycles on trades and diversification of gold offers and so far have made a good profit. The valuation of the MM orgs at the onset of term was £62,571,789.73 CC. After the first week of trading the valuation stood at £68,899,426.14. This means the current Dividend stands at £6,327,636.41 (and rising), an estimated £50.6k per citizen.

My thanks goes to MIK for his assistance with MM trading and holding down the MoF fort!

Foreign Affairs

The MoFA squad are busy lining up potential TW partners and Epic battles to help us stay on the front foot with our fighting and medal-acquiring opportunities. They’re also running a research and information service, chasing up on some of the context and events that can impact our FA arrangements and TW’s. By all means get in touch if you’ve seen anything on your feeds or in the media you’re interested in and we can follow it up for you!

Thanks to Betafoxtrot and Fenraar for their work in this area.

Home Affairs

We have a large HA team this month focussing a lot on education, ‘focus grouping’ some of our education resources whilst contributing ideas and items to Weekend Whimsy, the mentoring offering and communications. Over the coming weeks they’ll be arranging for a general support message to go out to remind everyone of what Government support they can get in case they’ve missed it in the media module.

Additionally we are going to send some postcards out advertise our active media, politics, and battles and begin to see if we can tempt any new citizens over to try the eUK lifestyle!

Thanks goes to Garth Lidlington, Sambo223 Chemical Chaos, St Roar, Laskii and Pontefract for their time and contributions so far.

The MoD is not mentioned here as their update is in its own article!

Looking ahead we can expect to see;

- MoF Tax Survey to help review eUK tax positions.
- Finalisation of the MoEd new-starter pathway.
- More Whimsy.
- Finalisation of battle guideline recommendations.
- Ministry of Immigration ‘visit the UK’ postcards.
- More games, epics, and hopefully TW’s.

Myself and the entire Cabinet are always happy to hear thoughts and feedback so do not hesitate to get in touch, let us know if you have any challenges are things we might improve on. Feel free to comment or message your thoughts.

Lastly I'd like to extend thanks to Ring Wraith who has made a generous donation of food - this will go towards MoHA prizes, the NHS, and can be made available to any citizens who want to run their own competitions and games who may want to complement their prize offering - drop me a line if interested.

Have a great Weekend.
Mr Woldy