[MoD] Updates & Rewards Reminders

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Some general updates and reminders from the MoD team this weekend.

Our TW with Bulgaria has commenced and our TW with Australia has ceased, temporarily. This is so Australia has space on their cores to shuffle everyone around. We are always in conversations with potential TW partners so watch this space to see if any more open over the next few weeks.

Watch out for announcements about Epics, we are expecting to have a Ground Epic with Turkey and air Epic with Mexico next week.

Rewards run-through

To serve as a reminder as to what the fighting incentives are, they are compiled below.

All rewards are paid out at the end of the month in a single payment. Statements are sent so you know where your rewards came from, and what you might do to earn more next time.

Fighting rewards

Your first 10k kills each month will be rewarded.

The budget is currently fixed at 4 donate laws (1.6 mil). At the end of the month we calculate what % of capped kills you did, and you get the equivalent amount of the fund.

This is in addition to the Citizen Dividend, pre-Epic Rewards and any Live-Fire rewards. If you missed the window to accept the donation, get in touch and we can send it again. Any rejected or unclaimed donations will be cycled back into their respective pots for the next round of rewards.

You can view the break down of rewards entitlements from the previous round, here.

Pre-Epic Rewards

The Government is committed to at least one Epic a week. If you have any preferences for when these take place then by all means comment or let us know.

Epics are triggered when a specific amount of damage is dealt in a battle, which changes each week. You can be rewarded for helping contribute to the damage needed to make a battle epic (pre-Epic damage, or Epic building damage).

This works on a shares basis. Currently there is 200k set aside as the pre-Epic ‘pot’, each time you record 100 kills or more contributing to pre-Epic damage you earn one ‘share’ in this pot.

Kills are used because we want to reward coordination in line with eUK Goal 2, and everyone can commit kills to a battle without worrying about how much damage they do. We just want you to join in!

Live-Fire exercises

Also to pursue eUK Goal 2, the MoD will be running Live-Fire exercises over the remainder of the term.

These will be objective based - an ‘objective’ will be communicated and those who complete it will score a point. What do points mean? Prizes! The Prizes are cash rewards, added to your fighting rewards at the end of the month.

You get 1K for completing 1 objective, 2.5k for completing 2 objectives, 5k for completing 3 objectives, and 10k if you complete 4. That can mean 10k on top of your other fighting rewards.

Don’t forget…

All of these rewards are paid on top of your Citizen Dividend. The CD is all the MM profits we make in a month distributed equally between active citizens. So far this term MM profits stand at over 6.3 Million CC, a projected Dividend of over 50k per person.

T- Battle Etiquette consultation

A reminder that until otherwise announced in this article the previous battle guidelines still apply, and you can report any breaches using this form.

Nevertheless, thank you to everyone who has shared thoughts on revisions to our Battle Guidelines. The number of contributions is quite low, so please continue to share thoughts in comments or by direct message.

We are particularly keen to hear from stronger players or players who have fought overseas with guidelines used by other nations.

We are particularly keen to hear thoughts on whether we need both damage limits and time restrictions, or whether just time restrictions will suffice in managing expectations whilst making battles accessible.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Last but by no means least our thanks goes to those who helped raised Epics this week, in our battles with Australia and Cyprus.

Thanks for reading,
Mr Woldy