[MoE] Weekend Whimsy #2!

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Citizens, it is the weekend and that means another issue of WEEKEND WHIMSY is flying toward your face.

Keep scrolling for:

Anagrams for AnaFAMS
Letter of Complaint from disappointed reader.
Where’s Woldy!
Garth’s weekly one liner (it’s a good one!).
And the gravy to your bacon, another cryptic emoji message! (Who writes these? Are they ok!?)

Message all your answers to Garth in order to win your prizes!

Anagrams for AnaFAMS

Guess the anagram, win the cash! 2k cc will be awarded for each correct answer.

Hell knew legacy
In arm utility
Rear sans twice
Rug inn dog train
Let mark pace

Send your numbered answers to Garth for prizes!

A letter from a disappointed reader.

In the interests of full transparency, we have decided to publish a letter of complaint we received about last week's competitions. Send any and all complaints to Plato himself, who will take the time to reply to each one.

To the so called comedians at the so called Department of Entertainment.

I was very offended and disappointed to discover the answer to last weeks’ cryptic emoji message was NOT ‘splash heart weight sword’. I would also like to register my offence at the actual answer.

After asking for the correct answer I had to wait 13 hours for a reply from a Minister! UNACCEPTABLE! The cherry on the cake of this ‘Entertainment’ was the answer contained a reference to … URINE.

Splash heart weight sword was apparently meant to be interpreted as ‘Wee Love Training Wars’.

Is it a deliberate policy of this Government to debase our national discourse, presumably so one cannot engage in serious political discussion without reference to bodily fluids? I expected no less. Next month I’m spoiling my ballot, and NO, I won’t be spoiling it with bodily fluids.

Fix it!

Peter Peepee
PP of the Peeps Peace Party

Where’s Woldy! - INTERNATIONAL

Last week Mr Woldy was in Whitby. The Department for Entertainment stalking division has tracked him down to his next location - can you tell where it is?

As always it is 5k CC for every correct guess.

Send your answers to Garth!


Return any tumbleweed you find to PO-BOX ENT1 please.

Cryptic Emoji Message

After the sky-high success rate of the last emoji message, we are running another one! If you find yourself needed a clue… just think of what noise a Pirate makes.

5k CC to every right answer!

Message all your answers to Garth in order to win your prizes!

Garth the and the MoHA team