[VMA-214 MU] Q5 Air Weapons Program

Day 6,021, 17:29 Published in USA USA by Arrden

🏴 VMA-214 The Black Sheep 🏴

We are very happy to announce our new Black Sheep MU Q5 air weapons distribution program to the benefit exclusively for members of VMA-214 The Black Sheep Military Unit

We give you, The ACE Pilot Program (Air Combat Enhancement)


The VMA-214 MU will begin distributing 10 Q5 Air Weapons per day per member. We will be distributing these weapons through daily posts made on the MU feed in-game. Participants will comment once on these daily in-game posts to receive their Q5 air weapons.
A VMA-214 member can acquire up to 70 Q5 Air Weapons per week. At current market value those weapons equal to over $114,000 country currency.

Qualifications to participate in the program:

1.01 Be a member of the VMA-214 Military Unit
1.02 Contribute a minimum 1,000,000 air damage per eRepublik week.
1.03 Have a minimum Air Rank of Wing Commander
1.04 Wear the VMA-214 uniform in your avatar
1.05 You can not fight against eUSA
1.06 Comply with commands and or requests from Commanding Officers of the VMA-214 Military Unit

Air Rank: Wing Commander - Wing Commander***** will receive 5 Q5 Weapons per day

Air Rank: Group Captain and above will receive 10 Q5 Air Weapons per day

New MU Member qualifications:

1. Be member of VMA-214 MU for at least 2 full eRepublik weeks.
2. Register/contribute 1,000,000 air damage for 2 consecutive and full eRrepublik weeks on the MU Leaderboards
3. Fully comply with all directives listed above under “Qualifications to participate”

To our loyal and long time members of The Black Sheep,
If anyone has any trouble meeting any of the requirements or qualifications listed above, we will assist you so that we can help you participate in the program. We will always appreciate your friendship and loyalty.

Please join me in giving big thanks to the The Black Sheep that are making this program possible to our members to enjoy and benefit from.

GZA The Genius
Henry William French
Roper 70

Any generous contributions both in financial or resources would be very greatly appreciated to help our group continue to provide these programs to our dedicated players. Any donators will be acknowledged for their contributions.

Disclaimer: Commanding Officers of the MU reserve every right to approve or refuse distribution to any one

- Arrden
🏴 VMA-214 2nd Commander 🏴