Federalist: How Hard Can It Be? (A Party President Election Article)

Day 6,021, 07:22 Published in USA USA by Malpazar

"You're a Sh*t Party President"

A little mood music?

(If you can to skip the back story, just find the dividing line, we need anchors on this honestly.)

Can you believe how long this game has been around? We have to be approaching the two decade mark surely. For me it has been about 12 years, imagine that. Logging in and out for 12 years, interacting with folks in the great eUSA, training, working, and fighting. So let me take you back to those early halcyon days of a very busy newbie.

Upon docking on the shores of the eUSA, I, a young upstart probably having just graduated High School decided to embark on a new journey in eRepublik. It was a turbulent and busy time in the eUSA with plenty of political factions vying for power. I found the political aspect of the game to be the most interesting part, making electoral decisions on behalf of a fake country sounded really cool to my real life politically cognizant mind. When you are young and live in a rural area there isn't necessarily much you can do in real life to scratch that political volunteer itch. Aside from begging to campaign for a local town board member who's entire election plan was to say he was running at the local firehall pancake breakfast. Naturally, doing anything even if it was just a game felt like a good time.

So I looked around, every party was fun and unique, I did some hopping around and eventually landed in the USWP. Their promise of strong knowledgeable leadership enticed me to dip my toes into the water. And I did, I got politically active, made a forum account on the eUSA forums, and even was a candidate for congress a few times. But a new opportunity arose, the Party President spot was vacant and I saw my opportunity to take charge.

Being in congress was pretty easy, even in those more active times. You are one head on the hydra that is your party, and the large beast of the eUSA in general so you really can't screw it up too much unless you like, invite people who shouldn't be in the country without IES approval or whatnot. But being a Party President at that time was a much larger deal, especially in a place like USWP.

To try to cut down on this article's character limit, it was a disaster. I chose to a run at a pretty inopportune time, I got very busy with both college and working at the same time and I just had very little time to do anything other than two-click (work and train) my way through. Communication at that time was vitally important without a lot of the tools we have today, and I wasn't doing a lot of it. I wasn't properly mailing people out, or generating media, and honestly I wasn't really ready for the role at that time. I remember it culminated in some nastiness, from legacy party leadership until my term was finally expired.

I am my own worst critic. My friends would often joke about how if I don't get something done correctly, I would basically consider seppuku as the best possible alternative. I was disappointed in myself and decided to just leave all the Party President stuff up to someone else, that I would always be more comfortable on the edges, well I used to think that.

About two month's ago, the call out for Federalist candidates was made for Party President. Now, I love the Feds, after the merger between USWP and the Feds pretty much all my favorite people in eRepublik are all in the same place! That and I have been lurking around, posting occasionally, running for congress here and there, and I decided, you know what, now is my time. Screw the past, we are in the future now. Lets shoot my shot.

Biblically accurate gif of the eUSA on Day 6021

My Plans

I admittedly don't have any plans for radical changes, or gimmicky plans. Despite being known (at least I hope so) as someone who loves a good bit of LARP or fun goofy plan. I haven't done this in a very, very long time. There are times and places for that and we call those "Country President Runs." No, I plan a pretty stable party presidency, at least for the first time in probably a decade since I held the spot. So expect much of the same, I have been brainstorming a way to get some more media into the space. People like money still, right? Surely a powerful motivator I hope anyway.

I would also like to also encourage folks in the party to run for congress, who maybe haven't in a while. It is the primary mode of interaction aside from article and posting notes on the walls. And I personally find it fun to look at debates on budgets and GIMP.

So here I am, running to sit at the head of the party, something I haven't done for probably over a decade, but, I mean really. How hard can it be?