[MoD] Region's Rotations and D4 epic.

Day 6,019, 07:31 Published in Australia Australia by Australian Defence Department

eAustralian citizens.

Because of determination we are going to do region's rotations starting on Wednesday, but we will notify you with time in the national feed.


1.- We win the RW in Victoria against UK. Then Moldova wins in Victoria. Then we win RW in New South Gales.

We are going to stop temporaly the TW with UK, but another country will occupy their place.

2.- Lithuania wins in Northern Territory. Then we win the RW in Queensland.

3.- Poland win in South Australia. Then we win the RW in Western Australia.

4.- Lithuania wins in Western Australia. Then we win the RW in Northern Territory.

5.- Poland wins in Queensland. Then we win the RW in South Australia.

Otherwise, i want to remember you that we are going to do a D4 epic with UK on tuesday, about 10:00 erep time. Because of the new defense project, pre epic will be rewarded.

Temporal list for eAustralian Air Program.