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Well Folks; here we are again…

We had a decent month considering the events stimulating the activity levels and all the region swaps with TW partner exchanges/additions we had to do in the middle of all that… Sorry this may be a few days later than it should have been but I had a pretty busy week at work during the week and busy weekend with this being the Mother’s Day weekend… Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

Here is a summary of last month:

• India TW had to end as there was no region swap solution between Pakistan, India and us. However, as a part of the deal caused by the situation above, we were able to land in Nigeria not only to start a TW with them but also to quench our thirst for kangaroo blood (in a more cost effective way this time)!!!

• We will need to swap regions in our cores soon. There is a plan already but pending AS Law replenishment since one of our TW partners will have to leave and come back with AS. And no it is not Estonia lol.

• There was a misunderstanding about our TW with Finland, mostly because of me making an assumption and not clarifying and part of me wanting to take a break from that TW to put our finances in order (more about that below). Due to the very high determination point, I did not think we could defend the RW but Finland insisted on us to stay longer. Thanks to Amber Heard and Seppo Ilmarinen, our Finland TW still going on with us moving out of the 5.2 determination point region to 2.2 determination point region.

• Towards the end of the term, the bestest CP of all time literally tricked me into approaching the CP of Greece for a possibility of a TW. Things progressed quite fast after that and we were able to land in their region to add 2 more TWs. The total TW count as of now is 15, which I am told broke the previous record of 14. Therefore I challenge the previous record holders to get back into this drudgery running eJapan to get their record title back 🙂

• Finances: We are averaging 465k revenue a day and 90% of it are taxes we collect through TW partner regions we occupy that gets sent back to them at the end of each term. As mentioned during previous months, this is not an ideal situation for us. We can’t transfer all that revenue to our orgs even if we could initiate donation laws one after another. Surplus accumulates in Treasury that we can’t touch (other than AS law costs).

Just to give you a picture in numbers: Our tax obligation to return back to TW partners for last month: 12.4m (approximately 9m is Finland, 1.6m Canada, 1.5m Portugal)

We had 26 donations laws 400k each to transfer to Bank: 10.4m

This means we lose 2m cc from our orgs each month. We receive back about 1.1m from TW partners (289k each from Estonia, Poland, UAE and Pakistan) who are our guests in our cores.

In summary, we barely break even or lose money from our org accounts which has been the case for quite a few months now. I wanted to mention this again because without MM profits; we can’t afford much without depleting our org accounts and last month MM profit was non existent due to offers going down to 0.001 level (mid February) and staying there until events started. This month might be a little promising unless market changes again.
Long story short, AI might promise you a lot but quality of the deliverables still depend on what really is going on out there.

Do what I do and create your own fun. Otherwise go a couple articles back and follow the posted directions for our complaint department. It is open 24/7. If you have trouble finding it, ask for draIeNS89 🙂

That’s all for now.

In Suplilumas we trust and you should make up your mind already!!! 🙂