Debut for The Danish View

Day 6,006, 07:40 Published in Denmark Denmark by LakeTownDK
Hello Gamers!

This is my first article in this game, so i hope you guys will help me complete the missions 😉

A small introduction to me as a player.
A 32 year old army veteran who played Erep when he was a child has returned. I have some big nostalgia about this game, and the feeling of helping Denmark to succes has drawn me back to the game.

My Goals
My goals is to help Denmark and its allies in anyway i can, and hopefully create some good freindships in this game of old legends.

The Future of this News paper
I will try to write 1 article pr month with my view on the situation around Denmark, but have in mind, that i am still a new player and i will have alot to learn, so the newspaper is not prioty 1, but in the future, hopefully you will find this paper as a reliable source of Danish news.

Other than that, i hope you guys will vote and subscribe, to help me get started.

I wish you all a beautifull day