DAY 6000 and I want New Update

Day 5,996, 02:07 Published in Indonesia Philippines by beebeam

Yesterday, I noticed there was an update in the game. Upon a quick check, I discovered new decorations available for day 6000. This indicates there will be anevent on day 6000.

Similar to the celebration for day 5000, apart from the event, I enthusiastically anticipate that Plato implementing updates to the game mechanics that can enrich the experience for current players and may entice retired players to return to the game.

If I were the developer of this game, there are several aspects I would address:
1. Removing features that are unlikely to ever be implemented but remain present.
Features like local government, local budget, and the perception of aircraft pilots which have been part of the game for countless days without ever being realized, tend to perturb some players. For example, there are still some players waiting for the implementation of the local government feature. And there are also people like me who are busy calculating the total budget that has been withheld in this game for thousands of days.

2. Activating dormant features that have long been prepared but never integrated or were once active but halted.
Some of these features, as mentioned earlier on point 1, and also the terrain skill feature. Yes, the terrain data remains stored.

3. Adding new features
Perhaps this is the easiest and most feasible update because it doesn't require changing something that already exists. As for features that have crossed my mind, it is the feature of upgrading/merging boosters into higher levels.

Did you know, some boosters have the same attributes with differences in the amount of value effect and duration.
For example, both ground and aircraft damage boosters have the same attribute, which is damageBoost, the difference lies in the type ("damage" for ground and "air_damage" for aircraft).

Then each type also has several booster types depending on the value of its attribute. For example, let's take the air damage booster, which has 2 types: "20%" and "50%". Then each booster also has several types depending on its duration. For example, a duration of "300" for a 5-minute booster and "600" for a 10-minute booster.

Since day 5874, we have been able to buy some boosters at the VIP shop at a relatively affordable price. However, not all boosters are desired by everyone. For example, the x2 damage Accelerator booster that is currently sold for 0.7 gold may seem cheap, but I myself do not want to buy it because I have obtained many from daily challenges. But buying a large quantity of x5 Damage Accelerators is also not something I desire considering its price is not worth if compared to buying from the pack shop or getting it from the spin wheel. Or for example, the +100% Deploy Size booster. Who would want to buy it when they already have many +200% Deploy Size boosters in their inventory? And I'm sure players would prefer to use +200% over +100%.

As for the suggestion I want to propose, it is to provide the feature of upgrading/merging boosters into higher levels. This is not difficult to do considering we already have mechanisms for combining bazooka parts into bazookas or mechanisms for combining weapons into rockets/boosters or mechanisms for combining blueprints (which are different mechanisms compared to the first two). From a programming standpoint, this is very easy, just need to remove the existing boosters in the inventory when player do upgrade and replace them with better boosters.

This feature can also encourage players to buy items at the VIP shop or even buy packs to get lower-level boosters at cheap prices and upgrade them into better boosters that are not sold in many places (for example, +150% ground damage).