#1046 Day 5999 Chance Harrison Back to Back Beatings

Day 5,987, 11:09 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

In honor of being my 1000th snipe I figured I'd do the article around my 1000th victim bgc_fans avatar which if none of you know stands for Screw you from Bubblegum Crisis an anime from the late 80's early 90's which I happened to watch once upon a time.

It took me 14 months to hit 1000 canadian snipes. I'll be honest I thought id get there faster. But I lost a couple months due to forest fire evacuations and I really hate trying to snipe on my phone I prefer the old reliable desktop. Plus some of them had the gall to fight back the flithy wretches, how dare they.

As the skies became unsafe many Canadians were harder and harder to find in the skies. Many have resorted to ground fighting like the cockroaches they are for guarenteed gold without having to babysit.

In the original dub that I watched when I was young this was the subtitle for this picture the character drew.

#1046 Day 5999 Chance Harrison Back to Back Beatings
#1045 Day 5999 Chance Harrison Messed him up
#1044 Day 5998 someguyy really is Just some guy LMAO
#1043 Day 5998 Pat Harper More Imperial Trash Taken Out
#1042 Day 5997 Timotieu Imperial Scum Terminated
#1041 Day 5997 ultimate523 Imperial Scum Executed
#1040 Day 5996 Bae Persenko Quitting us was his worst mistake
#1039 Day 5996 Elcomprador Easy Money
#1038 Day 5996 Themacedon So much fun sniping this guy
#1037 Day 5996 Mosadeq Hiding in Estonia
#1036 Day 5995 Mary Chan Friday Afternoon Take-Out
#1035 Day 5995 Saied Bassyouny Pig Disgusting Easily Beaten
#1034 Day 5995 Mosadeq Found Hiding in Estonia
#1033 Day 5995 Bae Persenko Found hiding in Estonia
#1032 Day 5994 Gerry b Better Luck Next Year
#1031 Day 5994 ultimate523 Another Hunted Imperial
#1030 Day 5994 Riders of failure Lives Up 2 His Name
#1029 Day 5994 Chance Harrison Down Goes Clown
#1028 Day 5994 Timotieu Late Night Sniping
#1027 Day 5994 Sakourtele Habs Gonna Suck For Awhile
#1026 Day 5993 Bai Persenko Bai Lives to Pay
#1025 Day 5993 Themacedon Moose Sky Taxed
#1024 Day 5993 Uncle Bob 25 Imperial Scum Terminated
#1023 Day 5993 Blue Bird Supplying The War Effort
#1022 Day 5993 BettNT every gold put towards change
#1021 Day 5991 Themacedon Down Goes Moosey
#1020 Day 5991 Ginoraf3000 Thank You French Fry
#1019 Day 5991 Mosadeq Hiding in Estonia Again
#1018 Day 5991 Timotieu Thx For the Sky Taxes
#1017 Day 5990 Bai Persenko Neutrality Guarentee's Taxation
#1016 Day 5990 Thales of Montreal Thank you My Friend
#1015 Day 5990 ElComprador Gotta Pay to Fly
#1014 Day 5990 Mosadeq Found Hiding in Estonia Part 2
#1013 Day 5990 Mosadeq Found Hiding in Estonia
#1012 Day 5990 Timotieu Imperial Scum Taxed
#1011 Day 5990 Themacedon Moosey sky taxed
#1010 Day 5989 Timotieu Be Cool if we weree feriends
#1009 Day 5988 TemujinBC So Cold Up in My Skies
#1008 Day 5988 This Name Taken & So Was Your Gold
#1007 Day 5988 TemujinBC Glorious Victory
#1006 Day 5988 Uncle bob 25 Imperial Scum Toasted
#1005 Day 5988 ultimate523 Old Ally Destroyed
#1004 Day 5988 Mosadeq Thank You 4 Prompt Payment
#1003 Day 5988 Grindarkly Sky Taxes Collected
#1002 Day 5987 Uncle Bob 25 Old Friend Doesnt Mind Helpin out
#1001 Day 5987 Mosadeq Always a pleasure
#1000 Day 5986 bgc_fan Congratulations my friend

To all our members who stuck around through all the highs and lows I offer you each 150k cc for your loyalty after hitting this milestone.

Sniping is Life