[Finances CZ] Money rulezzzzzzz

Day 5,983, 10:11 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic by Ministerstvo Financi

Dear Citizens

It is a pleasure to communicate with you again. The idea of this brief article is to provide an update regarding this month's investment ideas during Gera T.'s term as our president.

Considering that we haven't used the money in the last administrations, we have gathered 3.288.448 cc. This amount is the result of the donation from the Ceska in January to my personal account and the last donations from Polish taxes. You can check this info in the previus Governor`s articles.

Some of them were used in the Aviators Programme in January. We are confident that we have more opportunities to give better finantial assistance to our citizens this time. Surely we will restart the Aviators Enhancement Program or any other idea you would like to suggest.

Today, we have paid Spanish taxes revenue for the Training War, from 5954 to 5983 eRep Day. The sum donated from the Ceska Narodni Banka was 1349206 cc like you can see in the Economy chart in the Country panel. We donated to the current Spanish Governor, like the spanish CP told us to do.

Thanks for your support and your feedback.


Czech Republic Governor

Gera T.
Czech Country President