A Potential Second Term

Day 5,980, 14:05 Published in USA USA by Stormin EwokJedi

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My Fellow eAmericans!

What a month this has been in our nation. Here is my proposed cabinet should I win again.


Vice President - Shiloh13, “Prime Minister” (SFP)

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Herr Vootsman, “Minister of Foreign Affairs” (RR)

Minister of Defense - Shefutzu (RR)

Secretary of Media - Paul Proteus (Fed)

Secretary of Interior, Leroy Combs,“Minister of Education” - (RR)

Senior Advisor, Bob Boudahili, “Governor” (Fed)

This month has easily been the most active month for our nation in years. You may have hated or loved it, but you were spending more time in eRep than during my predecessors' beyond-boring terms domestically.

So what are some highlights:

Legislation! A group of players from BSP, SFP, and Feds joined me to design a few proposals for congress. See my previous article for more details. I did my best to engage all of the country, and reached out to the Black Sheep, many of whom were willing to work with me until Henry unilaterally removed his party from that project. Even so, I managed to put together several bills together with input from leadership from some top parties.

These bills reflected what people wanted changed, and while some passed and some did not, the discussion was illuminating and helpful to our edemocracy. Criticism and debate is healthy and helped make the ABS program better. That some prominent players wished that discussion had never happened at all and let their egos interfere is unfortunate, but I am still proud of what we accomplished.

Beyond ABS, I introduced legislation that reflected long-time BSP concerns that the tourist visa represented overreach by Voots/Dude/Shef/Owl/Ubuntu. I tried to bridge that divide, and bringing this discussion into the open led to a healthy debate. Because I was the one proposing these, the Sheep considered them dead on arrival and they didn’t pass, but we still managed to have a healthy debate and conclude publicly that these concerns were unfounded. Having these debates in public is not "useless", it helps make the political process more transparent to those not in backrooms and shows everyone why we do things the way we do. Same on the proposal on donation laws. It wasn't an attack on a party, but rather a logistical defense of the eUS within the confines of game mechanics. While the debate devolved, as it tends to do, this open discourse is the essence of what democracy is. In the end, Congress had 1-2 weeks of its highest activity level in years, and I’m glad we improved ABS.

This term we increased activity across the board. And I kept it real with the public. At great personal cost to myself, we provided benefits to the American people. The criticisms I've received have ranged from aimless name-calling to baseless paranoia (why would I know or care about what Cthulhu is doing) to bizarre revisionism (Stef 40: “btw, no one knew Stormin as well, before he ran, except that he was PP of rough riders. Nothing else.” huh, sure Stef, sure). I respect Tyler Bubblar as a player, but his article could be summarized as: "don't be honest, have someone else write a hit piece for you". I'm sorry, but I respect everyone left in this game too much for that.

This brings me to my final main point in this article which tests the attention span of some I get it. There is another quote from a BSP member I find telling. Roper said earlier "That sounds like a lie to justify them knowing cheating is wrong. If you have to cheat then you frigging deserve to lose.”

WE AGREE AT LAST!! BSP is now endorsing, supporting, and voting for a candidate who wields multiple accounts and desires to direct the eUS military forces under his direction alone. He has more than any of you want to accept. Danger was never a member of my cabinet and when I removed him from cabinet rooms after he argued non-stop about weekly epics (notice the bots didn’t help start those), he rage quit another room and stopped fighting for the eUS with the bots he owns. He serves himself and his ego.

I challenged him, he took his bots and quit for a while until he decided to join the Feds and run for CP. Now he’s super active with his bots again. BSP used to hold a few principles intact. No bots, not multis. I hope this country can see past the Potemkin campaign launched against me, the thousand accounts launched by a bruised ego. And I hope BSP can see past their personal hatred to recognize we have more in common than we have apart. We want Epics, we want players to play one account. That they are throwing their weight behind danger is disappointing, but it's not too late to ask for better.

In short, only 2 real candidates are running for CP this term. One is a candidate who uses dubious means to blackmail the country into supporting him. The other is myself, flawed leader in some aspects, but an honest one who wants an active president who communicates with the country.

This is a game and if I stop playing tomorrow I’d probably be happier, but as Barker used to always remind me, sunk cost fallacy is a real thing and I am not immune. I’m willing to give another month of service in a thankless position where attacks come flying left and right out of respect for so many who have given so much over the years. I gave a month of my time to help out a country build activity, continue its foreign dominance by clicking some buttons, and spend most of my reserve of bars/tanks to give us some epics and win some wars. I’m willing to do one more month than ride off back to the Rough Riders. If Danger wins, expect more of the same from the past few years of foreign wars most of you have little interest in. Expect little to no media again. Expect Farmville on steroids, expect boredom. The big change is the recognition by the President that bots matter over individuals. I find that a little sad.

Now on to what I will do if reelected. My first legislative program will be to finally codify weekly food drops into our budget. They have been at the discretion of whoever is CP or a bank for them to give out to whoever they want. Having worked with the CBO, the money is there, and I will move to get it done so every citizen can get back some of their tax dollars. I hope I have enough of your votes to accomplish my plans for the next term. I’ve pissed off people on both sides which in my book,but that's because I care and I promise to work for all of you.

So if you also care about the eUS, consider voting Stormin on the 5th.


Stormin EwokJedi