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Day 5,971, 14:09 Published in Slovakia Hungary by taleum

3 days ago a new player arrived in the eSlovak community, dr. Tomo Vinkovic.
I did not know him before.

Surprisingly, two days ago he hit me down in two (not running in parallel) battles. This is also surprising because we in eSlovakia are not used to this. There were several empty battles going on in parallel, so it was clear to me that he wanted to hit me for some reason. It wasn't hard, it was around 150M damage in the round.

I wrote to him politely telling him not to do that.

He replied (after two days of arriving in eSlovakia) "this is not your country*".
I took that as a no and took his medals.

I wrote again politely that it was pointless, I took my revenge, I have no more problem with him, let's try to cooperate instead.

After that he tried again to hit me down in two battles, but it didn't work out for him this time.
Again I wrote to him politely that he could see that it was no use, let's cooperate.

I do not know if he accepted this, because he did not reply. Maybe he did accepted, because he did not hit me today. But kostas free did.

But after this came the bigger surprise. kostas free also tried to hit me down yesterday. And he's not that new in the country, we've been living next to each other longer now, we've never had any problems.
He didn't succeed that time, I asked him in pm what happened that suddenly he hunted me? I did not get an answer.

I don't really know what happened.
It's very strange that all of a sudden, at the same time, they're (both recently arrived from abroad) trying to take action against me.
I don't know if they're in a gang or if the same person is controlling the two characters.

So dear Slovak friends (no irony), please explain under the article what problem you suddenly have with me after such a long time without any problems. There are not many Slovak players, but I don't want to be angry with you now.
Or is it just a player run amok?

*The worst thing is that a character who arrived two days ago (!) tells me that : it's not my country.
But it's much more mine, than his. True, I had to switch my CS because otherwise I wouldn't have TP income, but I was and still am the one who (after Nathan5) fought the hardest for the country (in D4 for sure). I did this even after my CS change. I was hitting almost alone in D4 against eRomanians, eSerbs and eUkrainians, burning EBs over a long period of time to try to free regions. I repeatedly suggested to Nathan that we should try to coordinate the damage, to see if we had a better chance of getting something done, ...)

I have never done any harm to the country or its inhabitants. In fact, I have a very good relationship with the Slovaks, several of them sent me gifts without asking or receiving anything in return during the event (which was very kind, and gave me a good feeling). And I still feel part of the Slovak community too, even if I had to change CS.
We are no longer fighting for the original territories, the political situation has changed in the meantime (I don't deal with politics), the new president will try new ways. But still I will fight for, if the time comes, that's why I worked hard on my protector level.

Now let the reward come for reading this long article. 🙂
Any problems?

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