Resistance Forming in Alberta!

Day 5,970, 15:05 Published in Canada Netherlands by Sharlenwar

The categories aren't the greatest for newspapers. But here is another wonderful blurb of text for those of you out there to read. We need more votes for a resistance war in Alberta. I'm currently stuck here due to me buying a house here to complete a mission. I didn't realize it was timed and it wouldn't move with you. This is rather convenient timing, but I think if any of you out there want a fully united Canada, then we need to reclaim all of our territories that may have been lost due to wars.

But really, why does it matter if people are farming and set in a particular routine. Let's mix that up, do something different for a change and have some fun doing it. I personally would like to see all of the territories that Canada should have to be a reality in eRepublik here.

Aside from that, I'm continuing to farm and get my gold for upgrades and other related activities. I'm getting closer to messing around with the companies and see how all of that fun stuff works.

Let's do something different and switch it up a bit. Maybe I'm just naive and don't know any better. Would be nice to see us all as one solid country here. Sign up for resistance!