Good Morning Canada!

Day 5,969, 07:50 Published in Canada Netherlands by Sharlenwar

So I keep coming back to play this game. It dawns upon my brain to my own amazement and wonderment. How do others play eRepublik in 2024? I'm curious, so definitely comment on the article as to what daily life in eRepublik is for you.

For myself, it's going in and checking in on my plebian job life. Someone reached out to me and offered a job which probably is meaningful, but at my stage in the game is still confusing. Maybe down the road it'll make sense as I level up higher and move my combat prowess higher. I get that you can add "weapons" to the ground battles, and there are aircraft "weapons" as well. You also have those wonderful timed special weapons which urge someone to use.

I know I certainly don't have time in my personal life to really keep up with a lot of the meta that might be floating around here. I know there must be some of you who play into all that. From an outsider looking in, where is this meta that can be read? If it isn't in the environment of the game, then does it really exist?

But, onward and forward. The plan currently is to save up some dough to buy another holding company to dive into the whole company stuff now. Since it's very different from the 2009 era.

Again thanks for reading!