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By now you have heard about the fact that I am creating a game called ClopoStars and you have probably already seen the Teaser.

I think is time to share more informations. I will do it tonight, March 15th, at 12:00 Erep time (20:00 CET) in a AMA ("Ask Me Anything") session about the game on my stream at

But before then, I think you want a deeper look into the game. So here is brief explanation of the game:


ClopoStars is a card game based on the online game Erepublik.

Users must assemble a line-up of 5 different cards representing the perfomances of Erepublik players. Each card gets a certain score based on:
* the performances of the Erepublik player it represents
* the level of the card
* the rarity of the card


Each cards represents a certain Erepublik player and scores a certain amount of points depeding on the cards specifics.

Each Erepublik player present in ClopoStars will have a certain amount of cards representing his performance. Those cards are differentied by rarity. These amounts are:
* Unlimited amount of Normal cards
* 36 Bronze cards
* 12 Silver cards
* 4 Gold cards
* 1 Unique card

Each rarity offers an additional bonus to the base score of the car😛
* Normal cards have no bonus
* Bronze cards offer 10% extra points
* Silver cards offer 20% extra points
* Gold cards offer 30% extra points
* Unique cards offer 40% extra points

Each card can be leveled up while being played in different competitions. The amount of experience varies depending on the type of competitions as follow:
* 25 xp for being a part of a team enrolled in an official competition
* 15 xp for being a part of a team enrolled in a friendly competition
* 10 xp for being a part of a team enrolled in a training competition

Each 100 xp points accumulated grants the card 1 level. The maximum level a card can reach is 40. Each level of the card offers an extra 0.25% bonus points to the base score of the card.


The score of a card is composed by the base score and the multipliers offered by rarity and level.

The base score of a card is calculated taken into consideration the performances of the Erepublik player it represents in an Erepublik in a day (24 hours) as follows:
* For each 500.000.000 damage in the Ground battles = 1 point
* For each 50.000 damage in Aviation battles = 1 point
* For each Battle Hero medal (ground) = 2 points
* For each Sky Hero medal (aviation) = 3 points
* For each Campaign Hero Medal = 6 points
* For each Resistance Hero, Mercenary or Prestige Hunter Hero medal = 5 points

Points are awarded in full with no decimals. For the damage parameters points are awarded for the milestone reached (e.g.: for 65.000 damage in aviation, 1 point will be awarded).


The total score of a card is calculated as:

Base score x Card multipliers

During one day in Erepublik, Clopoyaur has dealt damage on the Ground battles, 143.000 damage in Air battles, won 5 Battle Hero medals, 3 Sky Hero medals and 1 Resistance Hero medal.

According to the table above, the base score for Clopoyaur is:
6 + 2 + 10 + 9 + 0 + 5 = 32 points

This base score is augmented with the card properties.

A level 5 Bronze card for Clopoyaur will have the following bonuses:

* Level 5 = 5 x 0.25% = 1.25%
* Bronze Card = 10 %
Total bonus = 11.25%

Therefore the final score for this card is: 32 points + 11.25% bonus = 32 + 3.6 = 35.6 points


Each card has a certain Power determined by the perfomances of the Erepublik player it represents. The Power is calculated as the average base score for the Erepublik player the card it represents for the last 56 days.

The Power is unique for each Erepublik player present in ClopoStars at a certain moment and is the same for all the cards representing him, regardless of their rarity or level.

The Power is calculated after the end of a ClopoStars Round and is considered valid until the start of the next Round of the competitions.

For the majority of the competitions there are restrictions in regards to the total Power of the 5 cards a line-up is composed from.

Depending on thier Power, for prize awarding purposes, cards are split into 5 different tiers:
* Tier 1
* Tier 2
* Tier 3
* Tier 4
* Tier 5

For example, if there are 150 Erepublik players in ClopoStars, the spread will look like this:
* Tier 1 - Best 10 players
* Tier 2 - Players ranked from 11th to 30th
* Tier 3 - Players ranked from 31st to 60th
* Tier 4 - Players ranked from 61st to 100th
* Tier 5 - Players ranked from 101st to 150th


The competitions are the place where users enter their cards line-ups to compete each other. Each line-up is composed by 5 cards representing different Erepublik players.

Each user receives a set of 20 random cards when joining ClopoStars representing 20 different Erepublik players from the pool of players available. All cards received are of Normal rarity. Then, user will have to assemble a line-up of 5 cards to participate in the various competitions making sure to respect the criteria for entering each of them. One card can be used in only one line-up during a Round.

{b]There are 2 categories of competitions:[/b]
* Official competitions - organized by ClopoStars. Entrance is always free. Rewards given are: cards, ClopoStars game currency (called Clops), and ocasionally, special items.
* Private competitions - organized by players. There is a fee (in Clops) for organizing the competition. Also organizer can set up an entrance fee (or not), decide on the card restrictions and decide how the prizes are allocated (if there is an entrance fee).

"The restrictions" represent the special conditions line-ups have to fullfill in order to participate.

Type of restrictions:

* Total Power: represents the maximum total value of Power for all the cards entered in the line-up
* Rarity: Represents the maximum rarity of cards allowed in the line-up and/or their maximum number
* Hero: Special place in the line-up for the "star card". The Power of that card is not counted towards the Total Power.
* Open: This type of competition has no restrictions

Here are a few examples of competition formats and what that means:

Normal 180 = in this competition cards in the line-up must all have Normal rarity and must have a total Power (combined) of 180.

Bronze Hero 150 = In this competition only Bronze cards can be entered in the line-up. One card is designated as Hero and does not count for the total Power, while the other 4 cards must have a maximum combined Power of 150.

Prizes for each official competition consists (but are not limited) to:
* Other cards (higher rarity for the best places, cards of the same rarity with better Tiers for better placement)
* ClopoStars in game currency, called Clops
* Prestige


A Round is defined as the period of time when competitions take place. In one Round all the competitions take place in the same time. Another Round can start only after the previous one is completed.

Rounds in ClopoStars are taking in consideration the days of the week. In each ClopoStars week (which lasts from Tuesday to the next Tuesday, similar to Erepublik) there are 3 rounds taking in consideration the performance of Erepublik players in the following days:

* Round 1 - Tuesdays and Wednesdays
* Round 2 - Thursdays and Fridays
* Round 3 - Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

Each round starts at 0:01 UTC time in the first day and ends at 23:59 UTC time in the last day of the period. Line-ups can be registered only for the next round of the competitions.

A card score is calculated for each day composing the Round but only the best day from that Round is taken into consideration for the final score.

Example: The Bronze card Clopoyaur scored 35.6 points on Saturday, 41.2 points on Sunday and 19.9 points on Monday. Therefore the card score for Round 3 of the week is: 41.2 (the maximum that was reached on Sunday)

In each competition, ranking (final classification) is determined by the number of points the line-up is gathering. In case of a tie, the tie-breakers are:
* Lowest combined power of the line-up
* Lowest Power of the best card
* Highest total level of the cards in the line-up
* If the tie persists, users share the same spot in the general classification.


In ClopoStars, prestige is like a shiny badge of honor awarded to the top-performing users. Think of it as a special mark of recognition for your incredible skills!
Users get Prestige by finishing a competition in Top 10.

The difficulty of the competition and how many players participate will determine the amount of Prestige awarded. The tougher the challenge and the more players involved, the higher the Prestige is gonna be!

A user overall standing in the game will be determined by its prestige level.


The Marketplace is where card trading takes place.

Since Normal cards are given for free and are in unlimited suply, they cannot be traded, therefore they are account bound.

Only Bronze, Silver, Gold and Unique cards can be traded on the marketplace.

Marketplace will utilize an auction system. The owner can set a starting price for the card auction. The highest bid wins the card. The bid is made with ClopoStars ingame currency called Clops.

Each card can be placed on the market for a period of 48 hours. Users can bid on the card, until the deadline, with increments of minimum 3%. The highest bidder wins the auction and the card.

To ensure a healthy economy of the game, ClopoStars will retain a 10% fee from the selling price.

A card that is placed on the Marketplace for sale can be used in a line-up and will stay in that line-up until the end of the current round. The new owner of the card will be able to use it for the next round.

Example: User A places a card on the marketplace on Wednesday, but he also enrolled it in a line-up in the Round 1 of the week. The deadline for the card is Friday, middday. That means he can also enroll the card for the Round 2 of the week (taking place Thursday and Friday). However, the new owner, the one that wins the acution on Friday midday, will be able to enroll the card for Round 3 (taking place Saturday, Sunday and Monday) of the week.


Not every Erepublik player is present in ClopoStars. The ClopoStars staff is taking the decision of which players to introduce in the game to ensure a healthy and balanced competition.

For the start a total 150 Erepublik players will be present in the ClopoStars.

The selection of the players will be done manually to ensure the players are active, the players are spreaded evenly among the 5 Tiers and to be in a sufficient number to ensure diversity of the line-ups in the game.


For playing the game ClopoStars users will have to register on the game website by providing an email address and will have to set up a password.

Any attempt of blantant cheating will be punished at the sole discretion of organizers by removing all the cards from cheaters accounts and returning them into the general pool of cards.

Any account with no activity for a duration of 90 days will be closed and the cards returned to the general pool of cards.


Game is currently in the alfa testing stage and aims to be released this month (March 2024). Any details presented above are not final and still can be altered or changed.

ClopoStars is gonna be released with a minimal set of functionalities and will gradually evolve and add new features like Rivals (head to head competitions between 2 users), Clans (competitions between groups of users) or Collections (collecting cards from the same category).

The designer and creator of the game is me, Clopoyaur.

ClopoStars is a standalone game, different from Erepublik and will be available at the website address (there is nothing there now).
Even if ClopoStars is based on Erepublik, there is no connection between Erepublik and ClopoStars. Erepublik team has no responsability or competence in ClopoStars.

For more questions and details you can join the Discord server at:, the Telegram channel: or watch my streams at


Wanna see how a card looks like? Check below:

Wanna find out more about ClopoStars? Join me tonight, March 15th, at 12:00 Erep time (20:00 CET) for a AMA ("Ask Me Anything") session about the game on my stream at

Also, feel free to leave your comments and questions in the comments. I will try to answer them as quick and as clear as possible.