[Funky] Almost too prepared…

Day 5,957, 11:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Rory Winterbourne II

After mishearing our MoD’s call for military readiness and believing we were actually doing something instead of talking about it we put down our bass guitars and clicked some buttons. Starting at 3pm

I didn’t collect all the screenshots but by rough calculations over 90% of our active members participated, including notable damage from our resident div 3 tank Olodumare. Well done everyone! I couldn’t be arsed to calculate what the rewards were, so upped our weekly budget to 200k.

You too can be overprepared for military action by simply joining Funky Militia


- Fight wherever you like
- Funky Militia is apolitical and encourages members to join whatever party they wish (all party promotional posts are deleted)
- To help out fellow members


This will be a fixed sum of cc depending on the number of MU members, usually sent out on Tuesdays and is currently 200k a week. The only requirement is representing the funk with an avatar.

Rewards are calculated based on a mysterious metric involving kills and the Funk’ometer™ score. In order to not encourage lower division members to rank up too quickly, division 1-2 members currently get the equivalent of 40 kills per medal won.

Your Funk’ometer™ score is an attempt to reward activity other than kills and can be influenced by feed activity, recruiting members, helping out etc.

New Look

Blank -> Add any funky colour you desire -> Add your avatar

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