Civil War of The Lulz

Day 5,956, 23:57 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

For to long has the endless boredom of farming training wars ruled many of your lives. We the few and the proud shall attempt to free you from this eternal bondage.

There was once a dream that was fun and entertainment which has given way to the torment of seeing how much gold you can grind daily. Many of our friends have gone offline and disappeared because of these torments.

Were being led around by the uncharasmatic AI bot farming bore that is Kippers of the Mudd. Of the Mudd indeed.

Only you can put a stop to this farce by rising up with me to overthrow this disgusting corruption that has run rampant for years now.

After we replace key members of govt we shall challenge the world and return the game to the glory days of old that still dares to flicker inside us all.

My kind doesnt like your kind so lets shoot each other to prove who's right as god intended.

Civil War is the only way forward.

For the record Im not even bankrolling this someone on your side is bored and wants some entertainment that they know only I can provide. Slowly but surely cracks form in this sad so called utopia.

He wishes to remain anonymous as they dont want to be cast out in hate. Such is the fate for those who dare to attempt to have fun under this regime.

Chance of Sucess Low

Chance of Lulz Guarenteed