#965 Uncle Bob 25 Twas a Buzzer Beater

Day 5,954, 19:52 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

Until One Million cc get used up whenever a party member snipes a Canadian they'll receieve 25 Q5 missles. 50 Q5's If its Timotieu or TemujinBC. Just link the battle in the group chat and Foxy will donate the weapons. Easy peazy lemon squeezy.

Its always a good idea to keep your local arms dealer happy

#965 Day 5969 Uncle Bob 25 Twas a Buzzer Beater
#964 Day 5969 Saied Bassyouny Owned trying to Snipe Me
#963 Day 5967 Blue Bird Plucked a Bird of a Feather
#962 Day 5967 Timotieu Slim pickings these days
#961 Day 5965 Mary Chan Lowly CPF member Sky taxed
#960 Day 5965 Timotieu natster defended
#959 Day 5963 Blue Bird rare feathers plucked
#958 Day 5961 Thales of Montreal Better luck Next year Habs
#957 Day 5961 MAS. Thx For The Sky Taxes
#956 Day 5961 Ginoraf3000 Cant save em all Fool
#955 Day 5960 Saied Bassyouny Easily Destroyed
#954 Day 5960 Timotieu Just Rolls Over
#953 Day 5958 TemujinBC
#952 Day 5958 Timotieu Back to our regular scheduled programming
#951 Day 5956 TemujinBC A Glorious Victory
#950 Day 5955 Timotieu I Sure Snipe this Guy alot
#949 Day 5954 Timotieu Back To Back Sniping Magic
#948 Day 5954 Timotieu always a pleasure
#947 Day 5954 Grindarkly should of been grinning more lightly
#946 Day 5954 Ghoti This damn Mutant Bird Keeps poppin up