It's Time for Change

Day 5,947, 12:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot

Another month, another campaign! Today I write this article to announce my intention to run for Country President! I have been inspired to run by the absolute mediocrity by which the country has been run for yet another term.

At the time of writing we have:

- A group of players who can't agree if they are in Cabinet or not.
- A CP who says there is no Cabinet, presumably meaning there's no accountability either.
- Unsurprisingly therefore, there are no articles or activity from the Government besides that baseline of scripted activity we see every month.
- The President's bulldogs calling for non-conforming Congressmen to leave the country and for Parliament to be shut down (needless to say the President has not spoken out against these views).
- And worst of all - no sign of any change!

Once again I’ll be running against Huey George. Huey is running for his 45th CP medal. 44 terms in and all he seems able to do is read off a script, voice his frustration in Congress when he can't identify what to improve on, and continue to act as though he owns the Presidency. This must change!

44 terms in and nothing new is offered or implemented. All the programs the government runs are years old, still using google docs and processes put in place years ago. The eUK is innovatively bankrupt, and Huey's solution to this is to ask TRS 'what we would do differently'. Now is your chance to back us and find out!

If you need any further inspiration, this comment from 3 of Huey’s manifesto’s ago sums it up nicely:

And who is able to say otherwise since?

The eUK needs big changes in how it is Governed. Changes in the attitude of the Government and the Presidency. It sorely needs to re-discover its ambition and enterprising spirit. There is no reason properly staffed Government Ministries exploring new ideas cannot fulfill the needs of the widest range of players, from those who want TW's and medals to those who want to explore new ideas, co-operatives and apply political realism to how we operate. Proper political dynamism and a vibrant e-politics can deliver for everyone - if it is allowed to.

It is by no means controversial to state that in this election you will be making the decision between mediocrity and innovation. On one hand you have someone who has excelled at doing the bare minimum but failed to lead as new winds of activity and interest have come to these shores. On the other you have someone with a plan to try and breathe life into the eUK, be it by new ideas, improving existing schemes, or projecting the eUK's virtues globally and reminding the world we exist and can be a great place to play eRep!

Minimum-viable-Government must not remain the norm!

For those of you that have seen my previous articles, you will know there are scores of ideas and improvements I wish to explore. I will be thorough, I will be in depth, and I will be transparent. These may sound like fundamentals but they have been lost. We can do so much better as a Nation.

For a start, transparency and inclusive politics will be at the heart of the dynamism I want to bring to Cabinet. The stark deficit in leadership will end, with basic civility and participation being at the core of my Government. You will know what is happening, you will be able to get answers, you will be able to participate. You won’t have a President who hides in ambiguity and lets bullish characters tell you you don’t have anything to contribute. All of this has been sorely lacking for months and has reached a critical point over the last four weeks. we cannot continue this way.

That is what I believe. My policies will follow; to give you a sense of the dynamism, ideas, improvements, and practical policy making that comes from a team of people who want to serve everyone and serve them well. It is time for change. For so long the country has been entrusted to one man, a man who is running on fumes, and for the sake of the eUK’s future it is time for forward thinking citizens to have a turn. It is time to show Huey’s unaccountable minimum-viable-government the door.

If you want to help drag the eUK out of the mire then get in touch. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your political affiliation is, if you have ideas and drive and want to show what a ministry in a high-protein government can do, drop me a message and we can harness your potential.

Vote Beta on the 5th. It’s time for change.