We stand against oppression. We stand for you Italy!

Day 5,946, 04:27 Published in Italy Slovakia by Nathan5

Dear citizens of whole world,

This message will be quick but strong. Italy was attacked by Ukraine because they refused to surrender their neutrality and accept training war with Ukraine from occupied core region of Slovenia. Italy as neutral country did the right decision to refuse this training war. Response? Ukraine attacked Italy for real and took their region. Here is explanation of whole situation by Italy :


We should not be bullied, we should not surrender values that we strongly stand for. Italy has right to refuse because it is not right to do this training war from occupied region. They threatened them. Ukraine did this wrong and we, citizens of free world should stand for freedom of Italy..for freedom of choice and expression. For freedom of choice of all neutral countries.

This can happen to any of us. The whole world is watching and any neutral country should say - „No, this is wrong and we will help our neutral friends .“

So till the Italy region is free, I will personally use all my weapons to help my neutral friends. And one remark, if this oppression would happened from CODE country, I would fight against CODE. This has nothing to do with Alliances. This is about what is right and what is wrong.

So I ask whole world, that is still not dead, fight for the values that are right! You, all neutral countries, you farm in your local training wars to collect gold, so please use your energy right and stand for the values!

Slovakia is also neutral country, so we understand the situation very well. And we understand repercussions by Ukraine, but we stand for the values! I hope Ukraine will let Italy live its life and also wont threaten Slovakia because we opened our mouth.

Please share the message to all citizens, we should know what is happening in our eWorld and show what is right.

Go Italy! Help here!


Yours, Freedom fighter, Nathan