Cooperative Business

Day 5,944, 15:07 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Liberak

The Cooperative group is looking for workers and it will be done in a cooperative fashion.

The base wage is 1000 cc with unlimited overtime

75% of all profits will be shared across all active workers relative to their activity (including overtime), ideally, we would also work together to make the product as cheap as possible for the benefit of the nation.

In my view this would be the most beneficial way to operate in the economy, the product should be the cheapest on the market, the workers will be paid well and directly from their production, and I can still have a decent income from the Cooperative.

Currently the company operates in the housing market, I intend to expand across all sectors which is bound to increase the workers' eventual income and create fairly priced products. Unfortunately gold isn't the easiest to come by so please be patient in this regard.

I will record the sales of houses and eventually whatever products that are sold, this will be open to the workers to ensure payment rights.

This is partly an attempt of Cooperatism and generally left wing economics in eRepublik but also a way to see if the benefits can be maximised for all without serious drawbacks, if anything, this can be a fun experiment and we'll see how it goes.

If anyone sees any specific problems or concerns then let me know, I'm happy to learn!