Stormin's Cabinet

Day 5,944, 05:16 Published in USA USA by Stormin EwokJedi
My Fellow eAmericans!

As promised, here is the hopeful cabinet with my strong desire for more people to step up in service of our country. I thank all those on this team and look forward to a successful term.

Title, Name, “In-game political title for posting purposes”, party

Vice President - Shiloh13, “Prime Minister” (SFP)

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Herr Vootsman, “Minister of Foreign Affairs” (RR)

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Patanok (Fed)

Minister of Defense - Thee Dude, “Minister of Defense” (RR)

Deputy Minister of Defense - Shefutzu (RR)

Secretary of Media - Paul Proteus (Fed)

Deputy Secretary of Media - Prince Simba (SFP)

Secretary of Interior, Leroy Combs,“Minister of Education” - (RR)

Senior Advisor, Bob Boudahili, “Governor” (Fed)


Stormin EwokJedi