[AUS] 90 of 100

Day 5,941, 01:47 Published in Australia Greece by Warrioir of Justice

Hello my dear Aussies players!

A month ago i discovered hole with bunch of stealers in your country and i am proud to say that i got 900 gold as a price for arrogance of you government.
Initially i was told that here are smart and strong players and i shouldn't come with my Justice Crusade.

However i am disappointed, i even think may be if i set special prize for my head you will finally start to hunt me? I need some challenge and instead of that the only place where you hunt me is comments, i am pretty bad forum warrior so here you clearly winning by hard.

Seems like next week i will get another 10 medals easy and first journey will be completed, despite i am on 2 weeks vacation. After that i will make another T10 proposal which will be of course rejected and as a result new journey will start. I think may be it should be first 0 of 1000, but i am not sure yet. It's kinda boring, may be i will pay some reward to get some competition, instead of taking candys from kids like now.

So still not sure about my future plans, but JUSTICE can't leave without any sort of agreement and anyway we we will be interacting for a looooong time together.

P.S. Seems like this week was Viktor's JUSTICE

Take care, stay safe and have a Nice Day my Aussies brothers and sisters!