Glory to the motherland

Day 5,940, 11:25 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by tef1

Dear Patriots,

It is with a heavy heart I announce we are under attack. The good news is we will prevail. A couple of expats are organizing to attack us for the sake of power. They say we are trying to restore democracy. But they are actually doing the opposite.

The current government in order to defeat the enemy has organized a dictatorship under the patriot leader Uncle Rican. I wholeheartedly trust and support the actions of the current government under the circumstances we are in.

The enemy is now attacking me for defending those I once disagreed with. But this proofs our democracy is healthy. Disagreements are welcome and tolerated so long as it is not harming the motherland.

Do I think we have the best democracy? No, I have been saying that for years now. Do I have all the answers? No and even if I do everyone else's view must be respected as well. That is what democracy is.

The enemy when they had influence attack me when I begged for better democracy. They are hypocrites who are only doing it to get back influence and go back to the old days we all hated.

Lets be united during this hard time and once we defeat the enemy, we must strive to sustain AND YES improve our democracy.