A trip to New Orleans (Part 1)

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This story is about a dream I had recently. When I have those kinds of dreams, I usually remember very well the city where the dream happens. Usually have a mix of alternative stuff (It is fictional), to the current history. Also a well described urbanity of the city, with several key points that make it unique, Like it's identity.

So, I decided to try to remember the dream with most details I can and write about it. So here it is…

Just to drop some context here:
This is a story of an orphan child from a Place called "New Brandenburg". I don’t remember the name of the child. He has around 10-12 years old. He was living close to other orphan children in an building taken care from the block neighbors. The Year is around 1920.

New Brandenburg is the capital of a nation with the same name. Created from People in the Kingdom of Brandenburg that decided to move their kingdom to the Americas. It is located in today's Texas. Taking the place close to where Houston is located. Is a very dynamic city which has experiencing a very big growth.

In North America, The 3 main countries doesn't exist, Instead, different nations emerged all due different events through history. In this time line, Some European adventures try to establish their own settlements in North America. Some of them with not support of their kingdoms. In this case, Spain loss a lot of power in North America due a reactionary independence from New Spain's Aristocracy proclaiming it after the Bourbon Reforms in the 1700s. This weakens Spain's positions in the Americas and created an Aristocrat Isolationist big nation in the region, which eventually would shape the destiny of North America. It's isolationism was similar like the one Japan did in our timeline. Spain only hold an landlocked province, West from New Brandenburg. They loss Florida and their Caribbean territory to France. Spain remained strong in South America until 1880s

France was the biggest colonial power in the region, being able to hold big chunks of land. Only smaller that the bigger nation in the south (4.5 million square km). The French Empire hold 2 main provinces in the New World, Louisiana and Quebec. Each one being the destiny of 2 very different kind of settlers.

The French Revolution did not happen, as the French were able to move that "revolutionary ideas" into a province they created in the Americas called Louisiana, New Orleans as their capital. France, unlike our time line did not loss a lot of territory in the 1700s in the Americas, instead, will eventually loss ground due the emerge of other nations.

Great Britain, hold pockets of North America, but with less influence. The Thirteen colonies, still exist, but their story will be radically different. Ontario and British Columbia still became part of the British Empire.

Here, because of the historical changes, several things are different...

The Industrial Revolution still happens. But also is spread into the New World aside with great Britain. (New England, and New Brandenburg).

As the 7 years war is radically different, the thirteenth colonies were not taxed. So the United States do not form in 1776. This also doesn't affect France to provocative the French Revolution as we know. Also because New Orleans became the paradise of the Enlightenment in the Americas. All this makes the world much more socially conservative in most of the world. The concept of "Nation-State" began to appear in the 1850s after the "big boom" between New Orleans and New Brandenburg.

As governments were more aristocratic, several things doesn't exist, such as labor laws, or public education. The Industrial Age instead, created the "Mangroves Era" because between New Orleans and New Brandenburg there was a road in which there is a Mangroves ecosystem. The tend was to became as Industrious and Fancy as much as you can...

TVs and Cable Phones existed in 1920, but as very luxurious accessories. Cars (From 40s/50s models) and Radios, were more common towards people. The Military technology was more advanced (Efficient) that in the 20s, but less mass destructive. Destruction of cities were seen as unmoral.

Clothes were more old fashioned and accessible to people, but also more unique. Music was more artistic and innovative. It was more narrative towards events and situations. This is why radios were more popular.

Religion was more personal in average societies, but because government didn't really involves in education. Education became more a religious/parental issue. So it was not regulated. Several people were not really educated. Usually that is a more familiar issue. Religious institutions usually focus on teaching you basic reading, mathematics, religious ethics, and a trade, which you can later use by working 5 years in the religious institution. Then you are free to work whatever you want. It was a very common practice. Many people keep working with their church, as they usually pays well. Government usually never intervene in people's live. But also doesn't offers protection as well. But charge taxes, which are used mainly for maintain Infrastructure, the Military, and Guilds (This is how most people could try to participate in the Nation's Government)

Security was also not guarantee by the state. Usually that is more a duty from the Neighbor Watches. Still, The government (Which use their military police for control crime) because of taxes, it is forced to secure justice. Lawyers are private, but accessible and affordable to most people. Lawyers are the superstars of the era, as the courts were public, and it was a free entertainment to the public. many children go to courts as entertainment.

There was not democracy, or representatives of government. Rulers were Aristocrats and Intellectuals (Or the Military, Religious figures and the Industry Tycoons in some societies). The Guild of Intellectuals, were some of the most secret societies the world had seen. So, because of its restrictions, most people really doesn't know they exist. The exception was only in New Orleans, some degree of a committee was beginning to exist under the authority of the Emperor of France.

It was autumn the orphan was suddenly watching from the window from the building he was. He has looking towards the north and the east, where from the base of the mountain you can see buildings, and from the Northeast, to the South, there is a bay that connects to the Gulf. This was one of his pastimes. He likes to see the landscape. But something began to annoy him internally.

It was a very cloudy day, with some dust from some of the fumes coming from the other buildings. There was a vibrant and still building dock above the gray sands that connect to the sea. The building where the child was, is around a recently developing place in the city with a gray and cold beach. As the city is under a colossal expansion. An important military base (In the other side of the bay) was the most far buildings you would see several big ships, Big Watchtowers. many planes from a very new Air force were beginning to appear from the horizon.

Many people from other places were coming to the expanding city. A place where around the world, was seen as the heart of the Industrial innovations.

The child, try to understand why there were so many people coming to this “gray looking city”. He later, decided to walk outside around the building he lives. He usually do that, but never apart away from 2 blocks from the building. That old building was his home. He was looking towards the mountains, which were covered by a coat of dense wood as some spots of light began to appear. Then he express himself, "What is happening there?. That is new"

A lady, around her 30s reply, "They are newcomers who try to establish here as best as they can".

He ask: "Why there would be people wanting to come to this gray place?"
and then she answers back, "Well, if you want to go somewhere with a lot of fun, you should come to New Orleans."

The child, which barely know how to write and read, as he growth up with another group of children, he was wondering, "New Orleans? What's that? and where it is?"

The lady, a little bit surprised as the child clueless about New Orleans, points to the big Military Base beyond the east, in the eastern coast of the bay, and then replied, "You need to go east, pass the Military Base, go around a highway passing the Mangroves for some time, cross the border in the process, keep following the highway, and then you will search into the city of New Orleans. Is a very colorful city, I am very sure you will like it."

The child, wondering about that new place, he suddenly asks. "Have you been there?"

"I have been there several times. I am around the region, and I used to frequent here and there. You should go with your family."

After that. The child look towards the military base. Then the orphan says: "I am an orphan; I have no family here. I am living here since I have memory. I am with other kids in that building." (He points to the building he was living. The building was around 10 stores high, made of red bricks, with a Victorian old style).

After that statement, the lady didn't say something during some second, She take take a sit, near one of the stairs. And then replied to the child,

"New Brandenburg is a big growing city, with several orphans. A lot of people around the world come here, try to establish here. People say is the city where you want if you want to get prosperous. This city is very old, but for several decades, a good portion of the current people came from Europe, but some others came from other countries on the continent. Some of them are from Native Nation-states in the North, others come from one of the Spanish speaking nations in the Middle-West..."

"Middle-West?" The orphan interrupt.

"Yes, this world is bigger a lot bigger, but let me finish first, and I'll explain to you. They are several nations around, and people from those places, and outside our continent come here. Many outsiders build small businesses. Overtime they became dynasties. I'll explain that to you. Others just try to do something for a living. But those are the unlucky ones, several times something happens to those people and if they have children they end as orphans. Over time, those orphans became part of the workforce and made this city as great as it is. It is just very well unorganized. This place is keeping larger, This is why the authorities are building this big dock. A lot of people are coming."

"Wow you know a lot about this place… I barely know anything"

"Then let me tell you: This city is our capital, New Brandenburg. It was established by people that come from the other side of the sea, from an old kingdom called Brandenburg. They began to establish in the base of that mountain. The natives were skeptical at first, but the newcomers, were not very interested in them. They accepted each other, remain in their own and they remained in peace. All this happened in 1640. After some years, the old kingdom where these newcomers are from, Doesn’t exist anymore, so many of those people came here to try to flee wars and avoid a uncertain future. We were not a kingdom, either a colony. Just a Settlement. We were left alone for several years. There was some settlements from another country called Spain in the Middle East and the South. They came here first. The old books said that After 1650 The Spanish Empire recognize us."

"Spain?" The orphan ask.

"Oh, you really don't know that kind of stuff, right"

"No really, an older child teach me just some math, and how to read and write, newspapers are hard to understand, and I barely move away from this building, I know some people talk other languages, as I hear it all the time. When older orphans get older, they began to explore more this city, Some eventually leave, and never come back"

The lady then reply "Ok, then let me explain something to you...."
"... you hear many languages, because as you can see, there are people from other places. This city is very attractive, so they come here" They are from several places that you probably had not hear about. Some of those places are in the North, some are from Europe. Some of those are empires, or used to be. One is Spain, the other is France. I'll explain France in a moment.. Other big nations are in this continent, they are just not very interested on this region. I had never travel to those. Specially to that one in the south, No one can go there..."

"...Coming back to the main point, people from an old kingdom, now Empire called France establish the city of New Orleans in 1718 from the east of us. New Orleans became the place where people came to also get their own freedom, the monarchy then establishes the province of Louisiana, and people there are as free as they want. Many people are very innovative, and they are very passionate about it. This is why that place is so awesome. People come here if they want money. But your go to New Orleans if you want to have fun. But they speak any language you probably never hear around here."

The child began to look around and tell her: “New Brandenburg, I didn’t knew this was the capital of something…"
"..Do you know why this city looks to strange and different in some parts…”

The lady then said, "Well, this is an very interesting question. To be honest, I am not a huge expert of this, but I had been around for a while. this is what I can tell you from what I had learn from the years..."
"But first of all, I see you know about different languages around, Which ones you have knowledge of"

"I speak English mainly, but I can also speak German just not very well" I understand Cherokee and Spanish, I just cannot speak those... Italian, is similar to Spanish, but I don't get it , Atakapa is another language I hear naturally I just don't understand it. The orphan reply it, trying to understand why the question was asked.

After the answer, the lady reply, "Ok those languages are commonly spoken here. And not just those. They have different stories behind. And here is the story:"

“The North Side is the old city it is where New Brandenburg was born, It is a natural fort-city as you can see surrounded by mountains except the southern part where the more antique buildings are located. Most of the old walls had fallen apart. As began to growth recently. We are in the extreme southeast of the North city near the bay. As the place is older than any other place in the city, It was founded by the kingdom of Brandenburg, but several people came from Italy and Spain (Or their colonies), that’s why the old city looks more like a settlement with people who speak those languages. If you try to go there you will find dynasties of families who usually have their family own business. Restaurants, Bakeries, Smiths, and so on. But is not just those. Also doctors, lawyers, or teachers, either as their occupations or having a business. German is the main language in the city, but depending of the section you go, other languages are also spoken. We are just in the part where everyone pass around. English here is most used because of trade..."

"..Then you have the southern side, beginning from not far from here, around 5 blocks south of here, until several blocks south it can be..."

.."the southern side is the part of the city that grown in the previous century. The some buildings here are even more recent, probably less than 50 years, and many people came from either Central Europe, or the Natives-Nations around. This part of the city had a chaotic growth, so everything looks dirtier there. Also, the Dock began to expand to that side. Is where most of the current development is happening but is also where most of the orphaned children are from. I come from there when I was a girl, you probably also come from there as well. There English a common language, just as German, but other languages are common here as well."

The lady stops a little bit. She get a canteen and began to drink it. After she express, "Sorry, I get thirsty. Lets continue, where I was taking about?.... ok I remember now"

"The North portion is more family friendly, and families there have their own dynasties of local business. I already explained to you before. If you were born in a backer’s family, you will probably die as a backer. lawyers family make a lawyers. That's how it works."
"The South is less stable, it is more like a Russian roulette: you might success and became wealthy, or you will fail miserably. And maybe die… That’s why there are several orphan children in that section of the city. But the orphans are strong, as they get used to the environment and became survivors, just like me, and also like you."

The child, after listening to all that story. Points towards the north. And ask: "What about them?"

"Oh, I almost forget. I am going to be honest to you. I am not sure what exactly is happening there. I think, there are people trying to settle around the north of the bay. We don’t even have a dock there. but is where you can find the highway to New Orleans. "

In this map, you can see the basic locations of the regions of the city. The 4 peaks mark is where the child and the lady were located when they meet.
The Pentagon is where the original Forth was built in 1640.

The second part will be next...