Observations from a new citizen

Day 5,939, 09:25 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Liberak

Observations from a new citizen

After coming back from the dead, one great familiarity returned which I never particularly enjoyed, the British Isles being controlled by a different nation for the sake of training.

The day I joined, April 2nd 2023, was a confusing but welcoming day. Many eUK veterans immediately offered support or gave me supplies to help my development. However, upon viewing the World Map, our great nation looked in peril. At the time (if my memory serves me correctly), we were limited to few regions; all controlled by different nations across the globe, this was a shock to me but one I immediately responded to with emotive revolt. I contemplated how such a dire situation like this could happen, maybe our numbers were simply too low? Our nation divided when we should stand together?

No, none of these, it was state enforced annexation.

Obviously I value this as a way of allowing new players, like myself, to get immediately involved and allowed the growth of rank. But surely the cause is quite empty; ultimately, we want to use our strength and resources to stand against a opposition force rather than predetermine the results of combat.

Imagine this from the position of a new player: you start eRepublik with the hopes of great warfare, improving the eUK in your personal way and participating in it's political realm. In fact, maybe this isn't so possible, our warfare is merely an unresponsive attack or defence without any risk or return, eUK politics have been dominated by a coalition hellbent on maintaining the status quo. But, just maybe, you can forge your own influence. I hope that in some way I can do so on the behalf of newer players in the eUK.

This appears quite combative, in a sense it is. But if we want to strive for enjoyment and potential growth in membership then we have to re-evaluate our current policies. I suspect those in the coalition may disregard this as partisan propaganda but I ensure you its not, recently the cabinet was disbanded and the only information released was through a random question asking in confusion, if even our veteran citizens are confused, how do you suggest the new eUK citizens feel? The community within the eUK is special and by far one of our strongest positives, everything we should do should be with the goal of maintaining and strengthening this.

My complaints are not void of ideas, although I wont claim they are original:

- Firstly, our training wars have many unclaimed medals, it doesn't make much sense to have so many when people will not utilise them. Rather, our wars should have more value and simulate a legitimate war which a citizen could experience, replicating a realistic eRepublik war whilst having barriers so the necessary processes are not harmed would be ideal and resolve numerous issues around the present system. Not only would new citizens find it much more satisfying, likely the veterans too, but development would remain consistent and teaching citizens how to respond to a real war is critical and should be the ultimate goal of training wars. An additional element could be included like wagers between the two nations, this increases the importance of these wars and involves all hands on deck so that we can win (a policy discussed by the TRS). Our core territories should remain under the nation, whenever possible we should engage training wars on foreign regions rather than constantly appearing under siege — this is not unrealistic or impractical and could be implemented with a unified effort. The current agreement with Estonia has also highlighted the potential in international agreements, we can build relationships abroad all while engaging in training wars (which has the potential for more gold gain for all people). Our current medal policy must be reevaluated, especially so if any of the suggestions are implemented, instead a time based limit on medals would be fairer and encourage further competition.

- Secondly, the limitation on ePolitics must be removed, it is a key pillar of eRepublik and a coalition between parties that aren't even aligned ideologically is nonsensical. Allow change to happen for the sake of the nation, fatigue is present in all things and competition between parties would be enjoyable but also improve the general interest around ePolitics. We don't require radicalism, but monopolies aren't appreciated either.

- Finally, we should reclaim the British Isles first, when first looking at the world map eUK citizens should clearly see our sovereignty is maintained, the only loss of land should be through simulated training wars I and many others have suggested. If we are willing to allow our land to be controlled by a foreign state we are not fairly representing our nation within eRepublik nor working in our own interests. As a new player it is evidently jarring to have such a divided territory, to foster growth it should be seriously evaluated. A United Kingdom will always have more power than one divided. The only understandable exception is Taiwanese control of Scotland, this is strategic and benefits us economically. As it stands we do not have control over a few regions, but as I mentioned at the start, this can quickly spiral and see the eUK become a blob of colours. As eUK citizens, the only accurate stance should be to maintain our borders.

To conclude, please take this in good faith, these are merely observations from a new(ish) citizen and are things that could make eRepublik thoroughly enjoyable in the eUK. I will also pose a question to the more experienced citizens, do you no longer want fun? It appears to me that we have an incredibly repetitive status quo, fundamentally this is a game and repeated actions without change is bound for boredom. Some change could make our eRepublik lives far better.

Thank you for reading,