Dear Terry... What are you afraid of?

Day 5,938, 18:45 Published in Switzerland Ireland by OogieBoogie3

Is Terry Benedict, imposter Rican, and their regime really justified to perceive the Swiss Pirate Party and their allies as a threat to Switzerland's security and sovereignty?

Short answer: NO

This is NOT a political takeover to start. Secondly, these people are all long-time Swiss patriots who have extensively served the Swiss government - myself included. We have very much returned in peace and with good intentions.

What Terry and his minions fear the most is competition. They fear a political group that isn't undyingly and unquestionably loyal to their regime. They fear that we can actually win elections and assume control over the government, which would force them to cooperate with our grand goal of restoring Democratic principles to Switzerland. Very simply, Terry and company care only to protect their power and perpetuate their Autocracy. That is why they disingenuously describe us as a national security threat that must be defeated - this is an overreaction - this is just fear mongering - this opposition coalition intends to make the government open again by making elections matter again, and in turn forcing all parties to come together and work on compromises.

This is the essence of the Democracy we intend to restore. Defeating the failed establishment will not be the end of Terry Benedict, Rican, and company - rather it will be the end of their absolute power.

As I've stated in previously articles, we do not recognize this false and revisionist take on the Swiss Constitution. We were apart of this government before the Autocracy and have no loyalty to the rules you've put in place. Under our leadership, all parties will come together to charter and ratify a new Constitution that will fairly benefit all citizens.

On another note, it's great to see that long time patriot Joseph Rich has chosen to join this effort to restore Swiss Democracy. We hope many more will come forward and return to Switzerland and help restore its greatness as a neutral, tolerant, and free society with a Democratically elected and transparent government that serves all citizens truthfully and equally with good intentions and strong convictions.

Long Live Switzerland!