Rogue players and CODE joined efforts against CUBA

Day 5,938, 04:27 Published in Cuba Cuba by Klaus Hargreeves

Dear eCitizens,


Musical backgroun😛

Not much of an article writer but the public needs to be aware of some important events that occurred in the past few weeks.


Accounts change, die out, and get sold/bought but meeting the person behind them is the real thing. Thankfully after so many years some of those people have become my close family friends too.

It is now more than 13 years with the game, and who thought that 13 is the unlucky number for real? Well according to the events related to my time in Cuba, it seems like it is.


Joined the community in Cuba to revive the country and make it strong. I was invited by Che to start working in creating relation and understanding with other countries so that we can add Cuba on the map and not allow it to die out as a non-existing region set under the same country. And look at that 😃 we did it 😃

Cuba has been a target for many disputes in the past weeks including the most active trolls in this game that would go against any organized eCountry just to make sure it is NOT successful.

Against eCUBA we have seen many trolls from Spain trying to shake things from the inside and continue to molest the country, stealing it's resources for their own use. We recently noticed sentiment-based initiation against Cuba from Serbian players that colored a single-player action being the reason for a whole country attack on Cuba....

Unfortunately for them, today we can see the real faces and the real profiles behind these rogue activities and self-ego-building people behind these profiles.

To back my statements up and show you the real company behind this black scenario being opposed to our eCountry.

It all starts with the decision to keep Cuba wiped during this period so that these rogue players who try to invade Cuba do not get free entry in the country with delivered passes from the insider rogue trolls. Please find the rogue profiles here (you can easily tell they are rogue by noticing their damage for CUBA done over the years which is almost zero):


These profiles tried to organize many events to steal medals from eCuban players including the exAlliance Hydra member countries. Started a few unsuccessful Resistance wars with the stolen money from eCuba and also created a plethora of fake accounts in Cuba (some of them already banned by erep admins). However, the worst part is that they tried bringing in the vast troll comunity against Cuba just to protect their molestation of the country.

Bringing the true colors of the people above today please see with your own eyes the company they invited to fight against the eCuban decision to limit the profiles import in the country:

First Battle this morning was led by a few well-known multis and few well-known players who actively damage the eSerbian community daily:

Then next battle a joined and organized attack by Greek troll BITER and firends including the same profiles from earlier damaging eSerbia daily:

This is a well-designed plan of CODE trolls trying to influence all countries from inside to spend energy and weapons amongst non-enemy or even allies.

Also, if I add all the stolen SHs and training wars sabotaged by these trolls this article would have been way longer but if needed I can always collect all the logs and share them.

We need to stop that and understand the real threats. Let's be smart and reject all the bad trolls from the countries where they cause havoc and destruction.

Thank you for staying longer than intended on my article and let's protect Cuba!

Thank you,