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Day 5,937, 21:49 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Joseph Rich

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To be completely honest, I think this is my third "I'm back!" article in the last 4 years, which is a bit rich considering I seem to forget about the game after small 3 month stints.

I figured I would re-introduce myself those I may have never worked with in eSwitzerland before. I played eRepublik religiously for many years up until around 2016 where I went on an extended hiatus.

After receiving a message from BlackbeardMKD asking me to return to the game, I decided I'd come back for a bit.

eRepublik and eSwitzerland hold special places in my heart, with many of my teenage years (and well into adulthood) spent vying to be the top politician in our country. I eventually got there, and then decided that was it for me!

For those who haven't heard of me, I'm Joseph Rich. I'm from Brisbane, Australia and currently work in the government after completing studies in Law and Business.

Over my tenure in eSwitzerland, I've served as President for five terms, and even held the role of Dictator once when we were defending our country from an organised political takeover.

I'm planning to stick around this time, finding myself with a bit more free time as I graduate university. If there's anything I can assist with (or simply want to have a chat) I'm happy to help out!

Over my time in the next few months, I hope to re-establish my burgeoning Q5 aircraft business and become a senior figure once again in our government.

Previously I ran a campaign to make aircraft cheaper globally,and was successful as I ran the price down by more than 30% over the course of 60 days - a plan I'm hoping to enact again as I ramp up production and offset costs with BH's.

Swiss Q5 aircraft prices were at an all time low thanks to the low prices offered, with more revenue going towards Swiss coffers rather than overseas. I was producing around 60 Q5 aircraft weapons a day, which all sold through the Swiss market.

If you would be interested in starting up another Q5 factory to increase production with me (we can only realistically sell 50 Q5 aircraft on the Swiss market) please send me a message.

TL😉R I am back, wanting to be heavily involved again and will be pumping out Q5 aircraft.

All Hail Switzerland!

Yours Sincerely,

Joseph Rich