Mister and puppets

Day 5,936, 13:21 Published in Croatia Croatia by Hrcozgb

Dear players,

We have selected 3 stories for the final of our literal competition. All stories are inspired with true events. Every similarity with some of the players is intended.

1. Dog who bark, not bite

Once upon a time in the virtual world of eRepublik, exists a land known as North Macedonia, where a group of players roamed with a sense of entitlement and a hunger for power. These players, fueled by their desire to dominate the game, challenge other players in any way they could.

In their quest for supremacy, they decreed a ban on Serbian players from participating in medal hunts, hoping to hinder their progress and maintain their own superiority unchallenged.

With chests puffed and egos inflated, the Macedonian players reveled in their supposed victory, believing themselves to be the rulers of the virtual realm. But their bravado was short-lived, for Serbia, undeterred by their attempts at suppression, proposed an airstrike to retaliate against this unjust ban.

Suddenly faced with the prospect of actual conflict, the Macedonian players cowered in fear, realizing that their bark was much louder than their bite. Like cowards fleeing from battle, they swiftly withdrew their ban, hoping to avoid the looming confrontation and salvage what little dignity remained.

In the end, their cowardice was laid bare for all to see, exposing them as mere pretenders to the throne of eRepublik. And as the dust settled, it was not their misguided attempts at dominance that were remembered, but rather their shameful retreat in the face of adversity.

2. Eternal friendship

In the vast digital landscape of eRepublik, alliances rose and fell like empires of old, each vying for supremacy in the ever-changing political landscape. Among them stood a formidable coalition known as Hydra, forged with the singular purpose of bringing down the mighty Serbia.

United under a banner of ambition and determination, Hydra meticulously planned their assault, strategizing every move with precision and fervor. Their armies amassed, their weapons sharpened, they stood on the brink of launching a campaign that would reshape the course of virtual history.

However, as whispers of their impending attack spread throughout the realm, a shadowy figure emerged from the depths of anonymity, known only as Mister. With a chilling warning, he threatened to take control of key accounts within Hydra, crippling their forces and leaving them vulnerable to defeat.

Faced with the prospect of sabotage and betrayal from within their own ranks, the leaders of Hydra hesitated, their confidence shaken and their resolve waning. In the face of Mister's ominous threat, they weighed their options and ultimately chose to abandon their plans of conquest.

Disheartened and demoralized, Hydra disbanded, its once-united front shattered by the specter of fear and uncertainty. The dreams of glory and victory faded into obscurity, replaced by the bitter taste of defeat and resignation.

And so, in the annals of eRepublik history, the tale of Hydra, the alliance that dared to challenge Serbia but crumbled at the whisper of a single name, Mister, served as a cautionary reminder of the delicate balance of power in the digital realm, where alliances are forged and broken with the stroke of a keyboard.

3. Three musketeers

In the immersive world of eRepublik, where nations rise and fall, and alliances are forged and broken, the tale of four accounts became the subject of much speculation and intrigue.

Among these accounts were three renowned figures: Captain A, Popay, and Daniel, each celebrated for their prowess on the virtual battlefield. Their exploits were legendary, their names whispered in admiration across the digital realm.

However, their illustrious careers took an unexpected turn when a shadowy figure known only as Mister emerged from the depths of anonymity. With cunning and precision, Mister seized control of the accounts, ensnaring them in his web of manipulation and deceit.

Captain A, once a stalwart defender of his homeland, found himself lured away to Serbia by promises of power and glory, leaving behind a trail of disbelief and betrayal.

Popay and Daniel, once champions of their respective causes, now found themselves under the control of Mister , their once-independent spirits crushed beneath his iron grip.

Yet, amidst the chaos and despair, one account stood apart. Stefan, disillusioned by the rampant corruption and treachery that plagued the virtual world, made the difficult decision to depart, his heart heavy with disappointment and regret.

As the virtual landscape shifted and alliances crumbled, the tale of these four accounts served as a sobering reminder of the fragility of power and the enduring struggle between light and darkness in the digital realm. And as their stories faded into obscurity, they left behind a legacy of caution and reflection for all who dared to tread the path of virtual conquest.


Hope you enjoy and you can vote for favorite story in next 5 days. In this time Serbia will leave Cuba as part of agreement between all parties.
What we are wondering next is what is next story. Mister control dozens accounts in different countries and we cannot wait his next move.