Sincere thanks to all

Day 5,936, 11:15 Published in Montenegro Ukraine by DWARF HQ

Greetings to all readers.

DWARF and all DWARF members thanks very much to everyone who helped us in our war effort last week. We are all very grateful and the support we received was heartfelt. Thank you all! It will not be forgotten.

As most of you already know, last week DWARF was engaged in a war with North Macedonia. It started with North Macedonia putting the law on North Korea, seemingly for no reason, although there are indications it was their way to show that they didn't want for North Korean players to have any statements about Cuba situation.

Cyprus and Montenegro swiftly responded with Airstrike laws of their own, so as a result, we had battles on three sides:

🇲🇰North Macedonia - North Korea🇰🇵
🇲🇪Montenegro - North Macedonia🇲🇰
🇨🇾Cyprus - North Macedonia🇲🇰

Along with those battles, there were several high determination RWs raised, of which Anhui succeeded

Northeast of Mexico

After North Macedonia landed in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia raised RW and another major battle took place.

Next entered Croatia, putting the Airstrike law on North Macedonia and attacking them in Al Madinah
and winning it in the end. Another few resistance wars were raised in Illinois, Northeast of Mexico and Shannon, of which Shannon was successful.

DWARF was also involved in battle between 🇲🇰North Macedonia and Uruguay🇺🇾. We did it on the ground of our good relations and because North Macedonia put law on them after landing in Saudi cores, tho in the end they used their border from South African cores for the attack.

That's about it. I thank you all for reading this and I once again thank everyone who helped us and fought with us in recent days.


TheEugen101, DWARF SoFA