We Are Inevitable.

Day 5,935, 09:54 Published in Switzerland Ireland by OogieBoogie3

The reality is, the Swiss Pirate Party and their allies WILL have representation in the Swiss parliament again - This is inevitable - with those limited voting rights in Switzerland's legislative and governing chamber, we will be able to raise protest towards the ruling party through frivolous legislation aimed only at disrupting the government's ability to fund crucial programs and function as expected. Secondly - and most certainly most prominently, we will have the power and right to approve of new pending citizens. As it stands now, we abide by the original Swiss Charter before this Autocratic establishment ripped it to pieces and ratified their own Constitution.

We Will Not abide by your illegitimate rules and will actively circumnavigate and protest your citizenship committee until we are given a seat within it. Thirdly - we demand access and inclusion into state channels where regular government communication takes place; and I know for a fact that your dead Telegram channel isn't it. Clearly, you all meet and discuss policy elsewhere amongst yourselves - we demand inclusion.

Switzerland long established itself as an open, inclusive, and transparent government about the general goings-on and state of the union. I served as the Secretary of State for many months under Mungos032 - nothing about our government was secretive - we were extremely vocal and transparent to our citizens. As long as your Autocratic closed-door policy of governance stays in play, we will protest it and operate freely with no accountability from the ruling party. Our only demand is to be included in the government.