Reply to the Swiss tyrants

Day 5,934, 17:39 Published in Switzerland Ukraine by TheTrendoReanimated

They dont say silence is golden for nothing 🙂 The more people talk the more rope they give themselves.

1. What narcissistic and destructive behavior are you implying from the party that gave Switzerland a golden age after years of stagnancy, and years of stagnancy that followed after our leave. Having repeatedly defended Switzerland from whipe, eradicating internal PTO, negotiated a region occupied by the Slovenian government to be turned into a lease, and later returned, building strong bonds with the neighbors Slovenia, Italy and France, insomuch that Slovenia turned from our occupier to one of our biggest military helpers, and in the last war that I was MoD the country with the biggest self-sacrifice of farmed EBs to defend Switzerland from an AS. So I repeat again, what destructive behaviors have the pirates done to Switzerland except leaving?

2. Who got to vote in that unanimous decision? The second biggest party in Switzerland, Swiss Pirate Party, had no say.

3. Grave and despicable accusations would motivate a sane person to respond out of spite with a clear answer that would shut the mouth of the accuser. “Rican” had 48 hours to write from his verified discord account, or better yet give us a video call like in our good old skype days. He chose to do absolutely nothing to prove his identity and he still haven’t provided any proof. I wish Rican would have done so already so I can put my heart at rest that Switzerland is safe and publically apologize. We are not gonna wait for him to beg the original owner for months to give him access to his old discord account so he can continue the rouse. Should I start bringing more skeletons from the closet?

4. If you have monitored such grave dangers for months you must have plenty of evidence at your disposal. Care to publicize something? And since the pirates restarted exactly 2 weeks ago, it would imply the dictatorship was organized against some made up threat instead. So if the dictatorship was not against the pirates why has communication with us been completely stonewalled so far?

5. I personally don’t know 3 of the new pirates, with oogie we have been at opposite side for a long time and only united now when a greater cause presented itself, but I do know chris jonadicus for example, and his contribution to Switzerland, so why was he as a non-pirate marginalized as well?

6. > All political parties and all loyal citizens were consulted about what to do and we unanimously decided to place our government in a temporary dictatorship
So not only were the pirates excluded from all communication and vote, but it would imply that the pirates are not loyal citizens which contradicts the 4th point.

7. Now that you have dictatorship you have nothing to lose, not that you had anything to lose before since you could have always launched a dictatorship, even if those pesky unloyal citizens won in elections. So… where is all the evidence instead of the big wall of empty words you offered?

8. Unlike Rican and the current government that offers only empty words, we pose serious and legitimate questions backed by proofs, all for the good of our homeland – Switzerland. Calling such articles trolling only shows the narcissistic view one has of himself, only thinking of the attacks as personal rather than threating them as legitimate national security concerns.

9. Why is it that when SPP founding members ask questions get ignored, when they write articles and publically ask for answers they get ignored. But when Joseph Rich that had a pirate career, but also had a non-pirate career asks questions he gets the attention of the government. Does this serve to reaffirm the implication from the 6th point that the pirates are treated as “terrorists” by the government, or does this serve a function to try to sow discord between the pirate ranks?

10. And finally, whats with all the silence regarding the citizenship committee? Its only reasonable to speculate from our side that they didn’t want further headaches, no? That would imply Rican`s acc buyer is a member of the cs committee.
> Why should I have written to you when I don't even know who you are? You should have written if you were interested in introducing yourself or asking for something.
Its the job of the committee to inquire about an applicant in order to decide if they should pass or no. It was clearly stated in the application that Rican can vouche for me, implying that by asking him you can save time on inquiring about me from many other players. And finally Rican said that he will bring forward my application to congress, so my application was "out there". I wasnt hiding under rocks from the cs committee, even asked Rican who are members so i can contact them directly and he fell silent from that moment onwards.