Fight The Failed Establishment

Day 5,934, 13:12 Published in Switzerland Ireland by OogieBoogie3

To those whom it may concern, Swiss Traitor to Democracy Terry Benedict's concerns are brash and unwarranted, and the Swiss Pirate Party are NOT a foreign threat, rather Swiss natives returning home after years in exile.

His pathetic decision to enact a tyrannical dictatorship was not done to protect Switzerland or its interests, rather his own interests and to protect his own power. Terry Benedict treats Switzerland like it's his personal property - that is why his Autocratic government has dissolved Switzerland's long-standing Democracy while also discarding Switzerland's original Constitution for his own illegitimate and phony constitution. Terry is a sad, scared little man - he's afraid of political opposition - he fears competition and dissent - he fears above all other things the very thing that he destroyed in this once great country - Democracy.

The failed establishment must be defeated. Democracy must be restored, and a new Constitution closely resembling the original - with protections against tyranny and absolute power must be ratified. And hereby lay out my manifesto sovereign from that of the Swiss Pirate Party.

1. Restore the original Constitution with amendments to prevent Autocratic power, tyranny, and Dictatorships.

2. Bring upon charges of Impeachment against Terry Benedict and his other spineless traitorous satellites who perpetuate Autocracy.

3. Restore real Democratic Principles in Swiss elections.

4. Restore transparency within the government to Switzerland's citizens.

5. Restore Switzerland's plundered treasury.

6. Restore powers to congress and remove Autocratic oversight. The new Citizenship Committee is Unconstitutional under the original charter. That power must be restored to Congress and debated in an open forum - closed door meetings by a cherry picked committee dead set on protecting the Autocracy must be eradicated.