[AUS] Weekly report, highest medals so far!

Day 5,934, 08:48 Published in Australia Greece by Warrioir of Justice

Hey yo my fellow Aussies.
This week i got amazing results and 22 medals has been taken, without any serious fights as usual.

Guys i kindly ask you to stop being soft and easy targets. If you decided to fight, just fight. I see how every single player taking medals in Aussies TWs, while Mr. Airstrauma keep crying in comments and still has his arrogant T120 rule. There is no way that smart and strong leader who would even think about declaring T120, while every single country with weak and soft leaders has it somehow. This is all is extremly sad. I would like to bring JUSTICE and i do not want innocent players to suffer.

One guy said that your MoD was Hungrarian, but Hungrary has the stongest fighters in eWorld, however guy either sold his acc or not Hungrarian in his soul. I kindly ask you guys to start fighting smart and hard, please do not let me to complete another 0 of 100 challenge next week, fight, FIGHT.

Thanks to all who trying and i am very sorry to all who has feels discomfort because of this situation. But I am here only because of one guy said that you will be happy.

Always yours,
Official Justice Representer in the eWorld.