The Price of Dictatorship

Day 5,934, 07:01 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Joseph Rich

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Rican has been a friend of mine for a very, very long time - in fact, almost for as long a time as I can remember. Our small, but prosperous nation has been guided by him for years and we owe it to him to be thankful for where we are now.

Do people change? Yes. Do their ideals change? Yes. Does that mean that they are less of a human? No.

There have been a few times in Swiss history where the entire community was shred into pieces, not by others or political takeovers, but by themselves.

Since then, the country has evolved, it has blossomed, and all because of one short-sighted module. The Dictator module previously made this country shine. Who could have ever thought that such a thing could happen through such a bad event in our history.

We were in a phase of prosperity, and now we are so tense in case the menace strikes again. What will be the future of eSwitzerland? What will we evolve into? Or are we actually devolving? Devolving back into times past of dissent from our own fear.

I'm very disappointed that Rican, an esteemed poster child of democracy, has plunged our country into a Dictatorship yet again. I find it extremely disheartening to see that some of my friends, who have championed democracy, have decided to back this notion aswell.

I'm not entirely sure what the imminent threat is. I'm not entirely sure why our "national security" is at stake and we need to safeguard citizens' interests. I'm also concerned that this article directly called out the Swiss Pirate Party as a "non-Swiss party"despite the party's significant history here.

A country needs diversity as well as unity. Diversity is what drives us, it shapes us and allows us to influence others and work together, towards a common good. Now that we are in our prime, it is time to start developing our own opinions and rebuild what we once had.

We cannot unify under a common state party. Write more, don't let the government be the only one whom publishes! Follow your ambitions for you country. Make your own party, start your own military unit, start your own company!

The evolution of Switzerland depends on this, otherwise we will turn into a one-party state.

Now don't get me wrong, I have been a dictator before. It's not that I don't support dictatorships, its that I don't support them when they are not needed.

I was the Dictator at a time when eSwitzerland had come fresh out of a political takeover. Our treasury had been raided, and it was only appropriate that people with a proven track record and trust held ultimate power in our country.

It was decided by everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, that it would be best for a number of months to install a Dictator that would have the ultimate control over the Treasury. However this was in dire times, and I certainly don't see how we are in a similar situation now.

It begs the question, what is the threat now, and how much is Rican going to cost our Treasury?

It's currently costing us between 13,000 and 15,000 CC per day, amounting to 13-15 gold in lost revenue. If our democracy is in such a grave danger of being taken over, I would point out we will now be losing in excess of 100G per week of revenue into the Treasury.

I invite anyone in the decision making process to come forward and explain the imminent threat that has divulged itself in the last few days, otherwise I will be forced to believe that the only fear is the return of a few political opponents.

According to the Epic Swiss Legend there is one group who rules eSwitzerland. Uncle Rican is definitively one of the members of the group. He's not an elitist - he always looks out for our best interests.

To those signatories of this recent act, I ask that you engage and discuss what happens in our country with one another. By my reading, our country is currently divided because one side wants to have all the political power, and I urge you to realise that we all work better, together.

I look forward to hearing the reasoning.

P.S This article is not intended to personally attack anyone, especially Rican. I hold each of the signatories in high regard and simply question why they made their decision.

All Hail Switzerland!

Yours Sincerely,

Joseph Rich