Day 5,932, 11:12 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Rican


Date: Day 5,932

Dear Swiss, allied nations and friends,

For reasons of national security and with the unanimous support of all Swiss political parties and the current Government of the Swiss Confederation, we will implement imminent measures such as the establishment of a dictatorship. These actions aim to strengthen national security and safeguard citizen interests.

Our relationship and commitments with allied nations will remain unchanged and we are available for any questions.

We reaffirm our commitment to democratic principles and appreciate your understanding and support during this exceptional period.


Swiss National Security - Task Force
Board Members:
SFP: Rican, Iviz Fer.
SPP: Terry Benedictt, Pep_369
TLP: Winston Macina Smith, Tim Buctu.
SDP: Dareee III, SendoM.
ARS: Vientos del Sur, Julio Entusiasmo Fervientes.

(Each member Swiss party has 2 representatives and the decisions of the board will be made democratically and respecting a regulation made for this purpose during the period of the dictatorship.)