Day 5,932, 09:14 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education

Dear Belgians,
It is with great pride that today we present the results of the new Belgian weekly challenge, BELGOPOLY!
Each week the article will include the results of the previous week and the presentation of the next event, where you can register.

The game largely follows the same dynamics as the classic MONOPOLY game with some small exceptions (see rules below).

BELGOPOLY is only for Belgian citizens.
To participate, simply write in the comments the sequence of surprise chests/cards you prefer (see rules below).
This comment will be valid as a registration.
To overcome some transparency problems and allow all Belgian citizens to participate, the contents of the surprise chests/cards will be made known every Tuesday at the end of the previous week and will be chosen by a citizen from abroad that the ministry has found in the figure by AG.trimafazdi.
This ministry and the whole government thanks AG.trimafazdi for his kind and precious collaboration.

In order to leave space for player registrations in the comments of the article, for any information we invite you to the dedicated Discord channel of the ministry of education: BIESD.
We will be happy to help you with any of your needs.

Jarabe de Patu - Minister of Education 🇧🇪