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Hello my fellow readers, i have found a time make a new interview and this time it's going be with the minister of foreign affairs of eTaiwan - Coco Kaleidoscore. Im really glad he accepted to me make an interview with him after the last interview i have made with a person from this country was at day 3,989 which was at 2018 and it was this interview with the former CP - Being X so im really happy to share this interview with you and i hope you will enjoy read it! 🙂

1. Hello to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of eTaiwan - Coco Kaleidoscore, thank you so much for agree to make this interview with me, but before we start would you agree to introduce yourself first for those who don't know you?

- Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to meet you! You can also refer to me by my nickname, Coco. My name draws inspiration from the character "Keke Tang (唐 可可)" in the anime "Love Live! Superstar!!". In real life, I'm Taiwanese and have recently completed my Master's degree in International Politics. Perhaps I am one of the younger players in this game (at least in our country)

I had been inactive for quite some time, but recently, I returned to the game and was recruited by our government team. After a few months of training, I assumed the role of MoFA. As such, I am currently in the process of familiarizing myself with game mechanics and international affairs in the game. Fortunately, we have a skilled cabinet team. I can always seek their guidance whenever challenges arise.

2. Can you please tell us about your daily job as MoFA?

- My role as MoFA encompasses overseeing all aspects of our country's foreign affairs, which include alliance matters, resource leasing, treaty negotiations, coordination of training wars, and immigration reviews. Decisions are made in consultation with the government team only when a significant event arises.

Currently, a substantial portion of my responsibilities revolve around coordinating training wars, primarily involving communication and collaboration with partner nations. Additionally, I often provide our citizens with updates on the current geopolitical landscape within the game and the progression of our country's international relations.

3. How do you work along with other countries as a MoFA?

- Our government team consistent national policy revolves around fostering positive relations with other countries. This goal is primarily achieved through engaging in training wars, which have yielded favorable outcomes thus far.

In addition to our traditional allies within Pacifica, such as Poland and Austria, we maintain enduring and amicable partnerships with nations like Germany, the United States, Ukraine, Japan, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Recently, we've made concerted efforts to expand our network of training wars, establishing ties with a total of 25 countries to date. The overarching goal is to cultivate strong relationships with nations in the e-world, anchored in the framework of training wars.

4. What is the thing you love the most in eRep?

- The aspect of the game that I cherish the most is the opportunity to interact with friends from diverse countries. This enables me to engage with different cultures and strive to comprehend their unique perspectives. Additionally, I find it fascinating to observe the dynamic shifts in the international landscape.

5. Last time when i were interview the former CP Being X on day 3,989 eTaiwan had 500 citizens, today according to the country page you have 285 active citizens, how does it effect the country?

- It must be acknowledged that the decline in population has had an exceedingly negative impact on our country (and indeed, on the entire game), directly reflected in the waning of our national strength. From what I recall, our country was much more proactive internationally in the past, boasting greater military prowess and a larger governmental staff, which enabled us to achieve numerous political and military objectives.

As time has progressed, many players have lost interest in the game and opted to depart. Furthermore, an important factor is that many individuals are no longer as youthful and energetic as they once were, limiting their ability to invest substantial energy into gaming. While a smaller community fosters closer relationships among citizens and reduces the likelihood of many conflicts (in contrast to the past when our larger population led to numerous disputes over national policies or unrelated matters), it also poses challenges. When facing actual warfare, sustaining efforts becomes more arduous, limiting our ability to adopt more proactive national policies and nurture new political talent.

Presently, the majority of players in our country view eRepublik as a social platform for maintaining friendships. It's likely that the most active player group in our country comprises solely members of our government team. Although this reality is disheartening, it remains the only path forward for a game that has developed over the past 15 years.

6. Can you tell us about eTaiwan wars and TWs today and how is it going from your point of view?

- At present, our country ranks second only to the United States in terms of the number of training wars it engages in. Due to limitations in space, we won't list them individually. The majority of the countries we engage in training wars with currently adopt a neutral stance, and our objective is to maintain such relationships with them.

Furthermore, our country has adhered steadfastly to Pacifica's policy of neutrality over the long term. We refrain from initiating hostilities, yet when our allies come under attack, we strive to provide the utmost military assistance. This represents the extent of our capabilities at present.

7. What you can consider as the biggest success you have done as MoFA so far?

- Given my relatively brief tenure in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I haven't yet achieved what I would consider my most significant success. At this stage, my focus is on maintaining the groundwork laid by our predecessors and exploring further developments based on this foundation, such as forging new alliances and partnerships.

8. What was your greatest challenge as a MoFA you had to deal with?

- I believe the greatest challenge I face as MoFA stems from coordinating with various countries, especially when handling alliance affairs where differing opinions among nations must be carefully considered. This necessitates strong communication skills. Additionally, our diplomacy is intricately linked with national defense. It requires navigating negotiations with other countries while prioritizing the protection of our nation. This aspect, where diplomacy intersects with defense, is where I find myself lacking in experience.

9. Do you have assistants, deputies or other officials under you who help you manage all the foreign affairs of the country?

- Due to limited manpower, each ministry and unit in our country typically only consists of 1 to 2 individuals. In terms of diplomacy, there is indeed a Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs who assists in managing certain affairs. However, within our government, there are no clear hierarchical affiliations among members. Essentially, everyone holds an equal status.

10. How does the cabinet works in eTaiwan and how close you work with the CP?

- Our cabinet team operates in close collaboration, maintaining constant communication with the President and heads of ministries to ensure discussions are consensus-driven. Due to the active engagement of our cabinet members, who represent the most dedicated player groups in our country, and our shared alignment on national policy principles, friction or differences of opinion with other domestic groups are generally minimal.

11. Do u think that eTaiwan has a power to stand aginst other big strong countries? Few years ago when i asked this question the former CP - Being X sai😛

"eRoC (eTaiwan) is not a strong nation but we have some power to bite a nation that tries to bully us. We still do not have any level 20 legend in eRoC. I believe once we have a couple of them in our nation, we will have more strength to protect ourselves."

What is your answer for that?

- Compared to the time when former President Being X was interviewed in 2018, eTaiwan has made significant strides in bolstering its military prowess. Presently, we boast nearly 30 legends at level 20 in land warfare, and the emergence of the air combat system has produced numerous outstanding warriors in aerial combat as well.

With these developments, it's plausible to argue that eTaiwan may possess greater capacity to defend itself now than in previous years. Over the past five years, changes in the gaming environment, coupled with the increase in training wars, have fortified our defensive capabilities, ensuring a level of resilience in the face of potential invasion. However, it's essential to acknowledge that there still exists a considerable disparity in the number of level 20 legends between our nation and other major powers. In the event of conflict, we may only be able to resist against some moderate-level nations.

12. Do you think that the negative immigration in the country is the result of bad policies?

- I don't believe so. Even if we were to implement stricter immigration controls to mitigate the risk of PTO, and ensure unified communication with players and members in a single language, any prospective applicants for citizenship would still undergo a brief interview process, with the stipulation that they cannot partake in our country's elections. Our nation has experienced uncontrolled immigration in the past, resulting in certain challenges.

However, I believe that even if we were to relax immigration conditions, there would still be minimal interest from players in joining our country.

13. How do you see Taiwan's international status today?

- In light of the dedicated management by various governing teams in recent years, Taiwan enjoys a favorable international reputation within the e-world. We have loyal allies and numerous strong partnerships, and we remain committed to pursuing our foreign policy objectives. Currently, our nation is actively enhancing its capabilities and aspires to hold a more prominent position in the e-world in the future.

14. If you could change or add ANYTHING to this game tell us 1 thing you were picked to change/add and why?

- Since the level gap between players is getting bigger and bigger at this stage, I hope that the game can adjust the division level and score to ensure that more players can exert an important influence in ground battles. For example, the level interval of the partition can be expanded.

15. Before we end, there is any last message to our readers, your friends, and the community that read this interview?

- I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed. As the MoFA of eTaiwan, I'm honored to share with you the current state and challenges of our nation. Our gaming community is vibrant and diverse, with each of us striving in this virtual world, forging friendships, and pursuing common goals. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in-game, where we can experience more adventures and challenges together!

Thank you so much for ur cooperation Coco Kaleidoscore, thank you for accept this interview, i wish u the best of luck wherever you will go my friend.
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