The great give out quiz

Day 5,931, 03:12 Published in Ireland Ireland by Armanych

The Final Sale?! 😉

Anyone can take part in my greatest giveaway.
The first who give the right answer on any question get a solid pack of weapons or food, those who is lucky enough to guess two or even three points, get a huge amount of cc. Maybe not every Bosses of the Hill find it huge enough but I don't care.

So, that's the run.

1. Many years ago I occasionally went on football match. It was the first UEFA Cup match I visited in my city and opponent was pretty strong. What was the name of the rival and final score?

2. What is my favorite dish? It's an usual and some kind of traditional for my country, not a popular sushi or pizza or smth. or modern mix of French, Japanese and Mexicano kitchens.

3. What town I was born in? 😉

Good luck! All my treasures can be yours!

Upd. Congrats to a winner! But I have to say you'll must be careful with this iknowallaboutyou 🙂 I won't reveal (his/her) name, just say he gets the jackpot! 🙂