Slovakia’s next Chapter. My next Chapter.

Day 5,925, 13:36 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Nathan5

Dear Friends,

This message today will be short, more explanation will come later, coming days. First of all, I want to thank you all guys from CODE, from Asteria and also Neutrals. You have been great support, you have been respected adversary. You gave me amazing experience. And now, time has come, to move on. To NEXT CHAPTER.

Lets first talk about nationstate matter. Slovakia is small nation, that has not been member of any alliance. The list of alliance members shows clearly, that is not part of CODE nor Asteria, or any other alliance. So it is NEUTRAL state, in this manner. Of course, we have been under influence of Hungary and friendly with CODE, because our border position and ties from past. We fought many battles, many wars for CODE.

But in history of every nation comes time for independence, sovereignty and freedom of expression. And that time has come for Slovakia now. Not to be just punching bag for alliance clash, but to have truly right for its own adventures. I kindly ask you to go deep into your hearts and to try to find understanding for our path.

Last year, we were wiped, punched, liberated and then again, put in a front row to get another round of fire. We stood up for our friends. I personally gave 1 billion air damage last year for CODE. So please dont tell me or to our nation that we are ungrateful to CODE. We literally gave it all. And now, we wish to walk path of Active Neutral country.

What does it mean? We cant and dont want to break ties with our friends. But we will not fight their wars. We will focus on maintaining security of our nation, building community inside the country and also, develop more our friendships with other countries. They can be CODE or Neutral countries. We will be cautious to Asteria or other warmongering alliances for timebeing. So what it means in practice?

We will not attack CODE country. Attack Asteria country? Maybe, but we would face consequences. So probably not that much. But also, we dont want to be just passive neutral country destined to be bored to death by endless farming. Maintaining TWs for us, means, we get rich and we can have f***n fun 🙂 What is fun? Well, active neutral country status means, we can attack whomever our congress would vote to attack.

Personally I have on my list few countries I wish to visit. When they were visiting us, they were so proudly speaking about their beautiful countryside, it would be shame not to see it with our own eyes 🙂

What it means to develop further relationships? Well, our best friend, Greece, we will always try to help them if we can. But we will do this on neutral position. As a country, we would not forbid our citizens to fight wherever they want to. We are strong advocates of power of free will, freedom of expression with paintbrush or missile 🙂
Hungary, this is more complex relationship because of eHistory and History. We would try to nurture our relationship as much possible. We are thankful that they respected our right for democracy. And their current president Heroine, is just really great person, so we wish to continue our path of friendship.

On personal matter, I was just tired of constant attacking and defending of absolutely unbalanced fight between CODE and Asteria. Everyone tried their best, inside alliances, on both sides, amazing persons, that give so much effort to everything. So my kudos to all. If you have not been president or active government member, you dont see how much energy people give to nations. And big nations, many responsibilities.

My next Chapter is focused on building relationships, national and personal, actively support community, little bit of writing and…of course, having fun on my jet, so dont worry, this is not the end. Just Next Chapter.

Peace with all and stay in one piece. Especially me, after this article 😃

PS: Air Strikes are renewing every 14 days, right? Right? 🙂