The Setting Moon - Volume I

Day 5,921, 03:44 Published in Japan USA by Dr. Ort Meyer

Well well well, I finally have been released yet again from the dictatorship of eChina. Let me tell you how I ended up here in eJapan… After living in the eUSA in my beautiful Q2 house, I figured I would give the European lifestyle a try. After serving the Black Sheep Party in eAmerica and as the Joint Chiefs of Staff as my birth name; Donner Beaston, I was tired of our enemy at the time extorting me and my family. So I packed my bags, grabbed my articles and my dying 17 year old cat and moved to eGermany! Now don’t get me wrong I have been shot at, captured before (I should say again), and spat on. Nothing prepared me more for when the eGerman government wanted me to go back to eChina. Now I know what you’re thinking: Why would you go back to a place that captured you before? Well, by this time I had changed my name to “Orlock” so I figured it was okay. WRONG! I was again after asking the local shop owner if I could write about public toilets, thrown in a labor camp… Finally after tunneling through what seemed like a four year tunnel system I made it back to eGermany. There was a slight problem: The eGerman government wanted to revoke my OWN citizenship papers! So I reached out the the eJapan embassy and was approved immediately. Will I go back to eChina? Hell no. Will I now live under a new legal name of Hans Yamamoto? Hell yes. I guess now it’s back to writing a weekly update and sipping GREEN tea or as the fellow Japanese say, “Oiicha” or “Matcha”! I’m glad to be back former Boomers. Now if you’re tuning in? Welcome to The Setting Moon. It only sounded fitting since we are first to see the Rising Sun. I am home.

Yours Truly,