some thoughts about game mechanics

Day 5,918, 07:41 Published in Croatia Croatia by Hrcozgb

Looking how some players doing damage opposite to country interests, I came to one idea.

Not sure is admin reading such articles at all, but maybe we can have interesting discussion.

Idea is to touch player role.

This game is announced as game where you can develop your citizen in multiple directions. Military, politics, journalist.

My idea is to implement function that country chose which MUs are government/military/country, which one is regular. Only players in those special MU get protector bonus.
For this decision, 75% of congress needs to vote yes. Or can be issued by dictator. (and there is no protector bonus in revolution battles)

Players who dont have protector bonus, get some additional civilian bonus on productivity.

This way, maybe military unit system get more sense.
If the soldier is not fighting according to orders, he can be expelled from MU. Also players can decide what path to follow. one loose advantage in battle, get advantage in economy.

Or other suggestion, that country can decide when to activate protector bonus?
We know that some accounts changed owners and now with good protector doing damage to original country.

Also, maybe to correlate protector bonus with number of battles? That way we would need to play tactically, and maybe reduce number of TW? why to have 10 wars when they destroy your protector bonus?

Any other suggestions?

P.S. Article is on English, so whole community can understand and comment. If wish