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Oilers Franchise Record!!!

Oilers Franchise Record!!!

Oilers Franchise Record!!!

10 Wins in a row baby!!!

Go Oilers!!!

My buddy called me this morning and asked "Do you think the Oilers are gonna win?"

My reply was I dunno man the Habs are gonna be mad they got booed off the ice losing to the worst team in the league last game. I wouldnt put money on it but he went puckline Oilers to win by 2.

Myself i threw 50 on the Oilers down a goal to win after the 2nd at + money. My 6 Rickards Red deep helped me make that bet.

I would of preffered not to sweat it out like that but we take the win and a 10 game franchise record winning streak.

Seems like a lifetime ago campbell was being lit up with a first month of a 2-9-1 record with little hope of making the playoffs.

Bring on the playoffs.

After surviving the decade of darkness I'm happy to watch any Oilers playoffs.

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