#784 Mary Chan Moose are Hunted for a Reason

Day 5,894, 11:05 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

#784 Day 5898 Mary Chan Moose are hunted for a Reason

#783 Day 5898 Timotieu Good Old fashioned Sniping Hatty

#782 Day 5898 Timotieu Revenge is a dish best served cold

#781 Day 5898 Timotieu Another Failed Snipe

#780 Day 5897 Mary Chan No mercy for Any Moose

#779 Day 5897 Themacedon Like Shootin Moose from the highway

#778 Day 5897 Pat Harper Brought him in Cold

#777 Day 5897 Timotieu Fail Snipe to Start The Day

#776 Day 5896 ElComprador Another Moose Slaughtered

#775 Day 5896 Ginoraf3000 Frogs back on the Menu Boys

#774 Day 5896 Timotieu Revenge is Best Served Cold

#773 Day 5896 Vexing Chaos White knighted his attempted snipe

#772 Day 5895 Thales of Montreal More Like Fails of Montreal lol

#771 Day 5895 TemujinBC Its Unavoidable its your Destiny

#770 Day 5895 Bag O tricks Safer On the ground My Friend

#769 Day 5895 Themacedon Fried Moose n Gravy

#768 Day 5895 Helixer Some Random Frog Roasted

#767 Day 5895 Henrici Stacking Imperials Like Sandbags

#766 Day 5895 Timotieu Keeps Losing

#765 Day 5894 Timotieu Down in Flames trying to get a revenge Snipe

#764 Day 5894 Macedonain Kid Enjoying his personal Canadian welcome

#763 Day 5894 Vexing Chaos Got back in Time to catch his hand in the cookie Jar

#762 Day 5894 Timotieu logged off just before his round ended lmao